Women in Business

Connie Challingsworth, positive aging advocate: Challingsworth reinvented her career after 60 and wants others to know that they can too.

Connie Challingsworth, a retired pharmaceutical sales rep, is now a life coach, a model for the QVC home shopping network, and a two-time runner up in the Ms Pennsylvania Senior America Pageant. Challingsworth wants other woman to know that its not too late to begin a new career over 60 and that our senior years can be our best years.

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How deep is your company’s talent pool?

Employees are the lifeblood of any company’s succession, so regular planning should take into account how to maintain and grow the talent pool to make sure jobs are filled. Well executed, an employee succession plan can help a company build a robust workforce that can handle, or transition to key positions, to accommodate the inevitable ...

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Catie Moyer: Writing for today’s world

Catie Moyer has been a professional writer for more than ten years, and has seen the writing profession change dramatically over the years. She recently talked to LVB about the writer's life today, from the pros and cons of freelancing, to the pressure for clicks, to her thoughts on the future of print media.

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