Women in Business

Dream makers: Sisters share their filmmaking journey

Lehigh Valley-based filmmakers and sisters, Katina Sossiadas and Koula Sossiadas Kazista, recently debuted their first feature film, “Epiphany,” to critical acclaim. LVB sat down with the pair to learn more about the movie, the challenges of independent filmmaking, and the importance of following your dreams.

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Tara Zrinski talks business: The Northampton County councilwoman and candidate for state representative opens up to LVB

When Northampton County councilperson Tara M. Zrinski was in the eighth grade, a teacher told her that a woman would never be elected president of the United States. Zrinski, politically passionate even then, refused to believe that. While she may not be running for president – yet -- she is running as a Democrat for a seat in the state House of Representatives for the 138th District.

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First two phases of active adult community now complete

The growth of the baby boomer generation and the lack of available space at its Nazareth continuous care retirement community prompted one local not-for-profit to start construction on a new active adult community in May 2017. Now, two-and-a-half years later, Morningstar Living of Nazareth celebrated the completion of the first two phases of Heritage Village, an active adult community.

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Hit the pause button: Mindfulness for the workplace

What can employers do to protect their employees from the effects of stress at work? Carolyn Lamparella, licensed professional counselor and program director for Preferred EAP with Lehigh Valley Health Network, advises employers to build a culture of well-being in their workplace, where talking about stress is OK, and stress management skills are reinforced.

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