Behind the List with The Rev. Bernard F. O’Connor, President of DeSales University

Creating programs that benefit the Valley
In today's world, receiving a college education often is imperative to obtaining a good job.

Behind the List with Will Isemann, CEO of KidsPeace

Services that offer real value
Health care services are vast throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley.

Behind the List with Lewis Einfalt, Fuel Manager at Fuel Cell Petrol Inc.

Buying fuel at its cheapest point
The cost of fuel always seems to be on the rise, but companies in the Greater Lehigh Valley are trying to provide the lowest costs to homeowners and business owners.

Behind the List with Alexandria Schueck, vice president of ServiceMaster of Allentown

Focusing on opportunities
Protecting your business from water and fire damage should be a top priority in assuring safety to your employees and your assets.

Behind the List with Jim Federico, vice president of sales at Offset Impressions Inc. in Reading

Working closer with customers
With the digital world shaping the way business is conducted, it doesn't necessarily mean that print is going anywhere.

Behind the List with Andy Daub, President of Brown-Daub Dealerships

'Feeling the benefits of pent-up demand'
Buying a new or used car in today's market could be a difficult endeavor. With dozens of dealerships throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley, the options seem endless.

Behind the List with Kathy Hume, executive director of Reading Berks Physical Therapy

Opportunities in partnerships
The health care industry is continuously growing throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley. With the seemingly endless changes to health insurance regulations and policies to construction projects and hospital expansions, all facets of health care are changing.

Youth would flock to a Facebook alternative

At the crossroads of narcissism and voyeurism you will find Facebook.

Behind the List with John Smith, Vice President of Forino Co. LP

Companies gaining confidence
Construction projects are popping up throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley. From projects under development in the Greater Reading area to the revitalization of downtown Allentown, construction companies are competing for bids – which signals an improving economy and growing business.

Behind the List with Tina Hamilton, President & CEO of myHRpartner Inc.

'Opportunities are right now'
Growing a business in today's economy can be challenging. Everything from obtaining permits and acquiring financial support can be a long process. And while a lot of people think it is as easy as just opening your doors, there's a lot more to it than that.