To kill a video

Is the value of online video overrated?

Probably not. But video not done well and not properly targeted most certainly is.

So, here is advice from a video layman, one who has seen his share of bad videos, both marketing ones and those by journalists:

— Use subtitles – Many people watch videos at work and don’t have speakers, don’t have ear buds or don’t turn on the speakers to avoid distracting co-workers. Noise also is an issue in public places such as restaurants, mass transit, etc. So, subtitles, please.

— Keep ’em short – In most situations, keep them under two minutes, according to some pros. Which makes sense, since attention spans are shorter than the tenure of someone in President Trump’s Cabinet.

— Consider providing a transcript – If the video is an interview and more than several minutes in length, offer a link to a transcript. For most folks, time is crucial, and they can read a heckuva lot faster than people can talk. Your message will reach more people.

— Keep front-loaded advertisements to 10 or 15 seconds in length – While acknowledging the bottom-line value of advertisements, 30 seconds are too long, and you’ll lose many would-be viewers.

— Get to the damn point, and fast – This is paramount. Don’t dawdle with small talk or mindless attempts at humor. Blast through the chafe and cut to the chase because, once again, everyone’s time is valuable.

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