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How much do you make?

In companies across the nation, there’s a growing trend to make known, either internally or externally, the salaries of their employees. Some see it as a way to build trust, pay equity and motivation for increased productivity in the workplace. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to consider.

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PA unemployment rate hits 4.3%, highest this year

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate was the highest it has been all year in November after hitting a record low in April. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry reported this week that the state had an unemployment rate of 4.3% after hiring 18,000 Pennsylvanians last month. Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate remains higher than the national rate, which was down by one-tenth of ...

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Here’s what you can do to attract craft workers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported earlier this year that are now more open jobs than people seeking work in nearly every industry. Some industries have been hit harder than others. In particular, there are shortages impacting skilled positions, such as machinists, operators, engineers and especially craft workers.

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