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1,500 net jobs lost in October: study

While economic indicators remain high for the U.S. economy as a whole, the central and southeastern Pennsylvania regions have been beset by tumultuous global trade and a weak manufacturing sector for the last year and a half, according to a recently published study by analysts at RKL, a business consulting firm based in Lancaster

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Survey shows signs of continuing economic slowdown

Local economist Kamran Afshar said an October survey of businesses in the Lehigh Valley revealed signs of slower growth across several key areas, based on business projections for hiring, purchasing, and revenue figures for the next six months, as compared to the previous six months.

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National and local small business owners show strong economic confidence

Trade wars. Brexit. There’s plenty to be nervous about in the global economy. But, not everyone is worrying apparently, at least not in one of the economy’s most important areas — small business. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is out with its third quarter Small Business Index and it’s showing employers are experiencing high levels of confidence in their state ...

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A shortage of construction workers is posing challenges for the industry, raising costs and stressing workers

The nationwide shortage of construction workers is posing challenges for the industry, including making it harder to meet deadlines, raising costs to complete projects, and forcing firms to ask their skilled laborers to do more work. There's no easy solutions in sight, but those in the field are making efforts to tackle the problem.

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