Reading woman has built a reputation as a business leader

Pamela Gockley says her career has been based on – and motivated by – a series of connected events.

“I feel like a female Tony Robbins,” said Gockley with a laugh.

A native of Lancaster County, Gockley, who now lives in Reading, was the first in her family to attend college and the first to start and own her own business.

“I did it the hard way and did it myself,” she said.
Gockley is now involved in a number of business ventures related to corporate mentoring and training.

The first company that Gockley started with her husband is called; the website offers a forum for companies and job seekers to find what they’re looking for professionally.

“This was before (was developed). We found it so difficult to find a job or any information regarding jobs on the Internet,” she said.

When she discovered through that there was a need for a new kind of corporate mentoring and training, Gockley went on to form Gockley Associates in 2004. Her focus was to provide women with more influence in the business world.

She began gathering a staff of experts in various fields to join her in filling that need.

Gockley told Lehigh Valley Business that “women need to do better, support each other and mentor each other.

Women who have made it to higher levels do not help each other. I think that it’s their fear of someone getting ahead of them.”

This fear of working together can be part of the reason for the wage gap between men and women in the U.S., Gockley suggested.

Figures show that women now make 75 cents in a position where a man would make $1. “Men get paid because they stick together,” she said.

Gockley also serves as president and CEO of the Vigilant Internet Services Corp., a full-service web design, hosting, and management company based in Reading.

Currently, she’s also promoting a new book The Reputation Factor: Repositioning to Succeed (

The book coaches readers in a step-by-step approach toward uncovering reputation. “Using what I have learned from listening to people, a common thread and a distinct pattern have emerged,’ Gockley wrote in The Reputation Factor.

“The secret to making these life and career changes can be a positive force in your life. Your reputation is the grease that can make life changes seamless and smooth.”

In her book, Gockley described her first experience with her reputation:

“I found out words like demanding, nervy, aggressive, and egotistical were used to describe me. I realized that the reputation you create may not be the one you intended to create.

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