Sales amateur or sales professional?

Professionals are committed to success and dedicate themselves to continually improving themselves.  Amateurs are capable of elevating to the professional level but often need help and support in this development.  Business owners and leaders can support their development by ensuring the proper resources are in place to support their growth.  

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The “M Word” in the workplace

While Millennials may not technically make up 50% of the US workforce until next year, it’s not as if a switch flipped on January 1.  If you’re struggling to recruit, retain and maximize the potential of this group of employees, the challenges will only likely increase as the workforce changes.

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Perform Due Diligence Prior to Investing

Before making investment decisions, it is imperative that individual investors and financial advisers learn as much as possible about the mutual funds, hedge funds and private equity investments they are considering. Performing proper and comprehensive research and analysis is critical when selecting funds and other investments for a portfolio.

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