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Risky Business

  For cannabis entrepreneurs, finding a place to operate their business presents considerable challenges amidst the uncertainty surrounding the legality of cannabis. It’s an industry rife with risk, but also opportunities. On the one hand, property owners can often charge higher rents knowing that cannabis entrepreneurs have fewer options for finding space to set up ...

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Recreational pot could be a boon for business in PA

In 2014, Colorado became one of the first states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Long considered a dangerous, gateway drug, the tide of public opinion has changed and marijuana is now seen by many as less dangerous than alcohol. Thanks to this sea change, Colorado and other states are cashing in. The same ...

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Carving out a niche, for 85 years

R&R Provision of Easton is a family-owned and operated food distributor and manufacturer specializing in custom-cut steaks and meats. Now in its 85th year, the company is looking to keep serving its niche clients in the restaurant and food service world.

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