Above: The design of the MKSD offices is aimed at providing open space and light. Right: MKSD's office contains a wide variety of flexible work spaces that staff can use when they need it. Photos courtesy of MKSD Architects

What’s so cool about it?

In 2007, MKSD architects started out with what they described as a rather “indistinctive” office building in South Whitehall Township and transformed it into its new office facilities.

The firm renovated it into two separate and autonomous offices — one for itself and one for a local construction management firm.

Using their design skills, the MKSD team transformed what was a “maze” of offices into an open-plan, collaborative design studio with public, private and task-specific zones. 

A new glass tower with a butterfly roof at the building’s central entrance gives the facade an iconic look. The reception area features custom millwork, project photos, design awards and modern furniture.

A full kitchen where staff take turns serving Friday morning breakfast opens onto a terrace for outdoor lunches and cookouts.

The administrative spaces are designed to allow for open communication with the rest of the studio, or be closed off for private conversations, via full-height moveable wall panels.

An update to the studio was done in 2016 to create more areas for team collaboration and to brighten the office with new lighting. And the work is not done.

Currently, MKSD architects is working on a design for a virtual reality lounge area where clients will be able to put on VR goggles and be immersed in a 3D version of the new space.

< Location: 1209 Hausman Road, Suite A, South Whitehall Township
< Type of Business: Architectural
design firm
< Designed by: Renovation was designed by MKSD architects in 2007

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