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A natural born leader

Persistence and conviction have made Nicole Huff a leader. A top executive with the St. Luke's University Health Network, she is also a mother of two, teacher, volunteer and advocate. LVB spent time with Huff to learn more about what motivates her and how she finds balance.

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Make a place for social media in B2B marketing

As any marketer will tell you, advances in digital technology are rapidly changing (and enhancing) the way marketing tactics are delivered, the insights at our disposal and the way consumers are exposed to a brand. But in today’s digitally evolving world, our marketing focus must shift from the traditional model, revert to a “back to basics” approach, and become more people-centric.

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Hopes running high for trade-war resolution (access required)

As the trade war continues with China, observers in Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley hope the latest stalemate might budge if and when President Donald Trump meets with Chinese leaders at the international G-20 conference in late June and agree that both countries can resolve their disputes sooner rather than later.

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