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Eyeing a small-business deal? Think due diligence.

While the U.S. Census Bureau reports there are approximately 32 million small businesses in the US, only a third of them have employees and must meet a weekly payroll. While all small businesses are vital to the economic health of our country, I am only referencing the one-third of small businesses with payroll for the purposes of this discussion.

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Risks, rewards in digital banking for small biz

Small-business banking is poised for change in the digital banking era. While we’re a believer that consumer and business customers want to be served by multiple channels, including in-person advice when it comes to major financial decisions, there’s no debate that the evolving digital channel has and will play a major role in how small-businesses banking is delivered.

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A recipe for putting loans in reach

Obtaining a small business loan can be fraught with challenges. Last year, less than half — 47 percent — of small businesses that applied for a line of credit received the full amount requested. For a company looking to expand or simply improve the efficiency of its operations, that’s a dispiriting rate of rejection. But opportunities still exist.

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