It’s Dallas Sucks vs. Eagle Tears in football-themed beer war

Weyerbacher has competition for its Dallas Sucks beer from a Dallas-area brewer that's crafting Eagle Tears.

If there’s one thing that sports fans have always been able to agree on, no matter what team they were rooting for, is that they all love to enjoy a nice cold beer during the game.

While fans may boo each other’s teams, they tend to lay off the other person’s brew of choice.

That is until now.

A sports-fan beer war is brewing now that a Texas brewery has responded to Weyerbacher Brewing Co. in Easton’s recent release of a pale ale named “Dallas Sucks.”

Noble Rey Brewing Co. of Dallas created its own German-style gose beer and is calling it “Eagle Tears,” with a promise that its beer won’t leave a “ring” on your table.

And no one could be happier about the rivalry than Weyerbacher beer.

The craft brewer knows its great publicity for both beers and knows that it’s all “good clean fun,” said Josh Lampe, chief operations officer at Weyerbacher.

“I got a call from a Dallas news station and I just laughed,” Lampe said. “It’s funny.”

In fact, he said, Weyerbacher had hoped from the beginning that a Dallas-area brewer would join in to create a beer rivalry.

“We had reached out to some Dallas brewers a couple months ago when we first started planning Dallas Sucks, but we never heard back,” Lampe said.

So when he heard that a Dallas brewer had taken up the cause celebre for the Cowboys, it was great news, and he knew his brew is getting a second round of national attention.

Chris Rigoulot of Noble Rey joked that he had heard about the Weyerbacher brew and “wasn’t going to dignify it with a response.” But his brew master – a more die-hard Cowboys fan – talked him into the idea to meet the Dallas dis with a Philly jibe.

He said everyone at the 2-year old brewery loved the idea and quickly worked to come up with a label design and a salty gose-style beer, which would pay homage to those Eagles’ tears.

Rigoulot said the decision to make an Eagle tears brew came about so fast, it’s still not for sale.

“No one’s even tasted it,” he said.

But already his social media, email and voicemail have been “blown up” from the response he’s received.

He said he thought he’d get some good sales around the Dallas area, but he’s getting calls for orders from all around the country.

“There’s really a long … rivalry between Dallas and Philadelphia,” Rigoulot said.

The response for Weyerbacher has more than the brewer ever expected.

Lampe said the brew was intended to generate a few laughs and some extra sales in the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia markets, but the initial run sold out quicker than it could have imagined and the brewery has sold five times the volume of Dallas Sucks than expected.

But the big question is, does Weyerbacher really hate the Cowboys THAT MUCH?

“No,” assured Lampe. “We’ve got some Dallas fans that work here in the brewery and we all rib each other and bust each other. … It’s fun.”

Likewise, Rigoulot said the rivalry is just some good fun between rival fans. In fact, the two breweries are trading cases of their football team-bashing brew and have a side bet on the Nov. 19 matchup between the Eagles and the Cowboys. The losing brewer has to don the other team’s gear at work the following week.

But, if you’d like to taste the rivalry, it might be easier to score tickets to the game. The Dallas beer isn’t available for sale yet. Weyerbacher’s beer is for sale, but Lampe said it’s selling out faster than it can stock it.


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