Filling jobs takes clarity, completeness and compassion

Unemployment has touched thousands of workers in the Lehigh Valley, thanks to COVID-19. But there are businesses nearby hunting for employees. For those communicating their companies’ job openings, know that effectively connecting with new talent requires clarity, completeness and a dose of compassion.

Clarity. Be aware that your job descriptions are a significant signal to respondents.

Refer to your open spot as a coordinator, and generally you’re looking for someone with five of so years’ experience who can pull details together to get a job done.

Position it as a manager, and you’re up a rung in the ladder of experience and skill – as well as salary and perks.

If you’re into the director tier, think it terms of a visionary who provides top-level guidance, planning and execution.

Avoid at all costs those fanciful titles that don’t hold much meaning – innovation leader, customer-experience guru, information champion, chief of customer experiences.

Completeness. Describe your requirements in detail without using jargon. Include salary and expected education/experience info, please. It will prevent a former SVP from misreading your entry-level position and applying for it.

Be upfront about expectations for travel, relocation and even perks your office provides (a pet-friendly workspace is always a plus!).

Compassion. This may seem like an odd fit for a routine business transaction, but the current unemployment situation is anything but routine. Know that the job seekers you’re hearing from are as edgy as they are eager. Their families, goals, housing, health, educations and retirements rely on them getting back to work as quickly as possible.

Gently inform your turndowns – all of them! — that you appreciate their effort but are moving on with other possibilities (email automation makes this easy.)

Give interviewees as much information as possible: Is the decision process expected to take two months or two quarters? How many rounds of interviews and with whom? How are you handling COVID safety?

For those you interview but do not pick, it is doubly important to kindly let them know of your decision. They’ve invested much more time, effort and heart than the resume-over-the-transom respondents and deserve gentler notice that you’ve gone in another direction.

Remember: The candidate that you treat with respect may someday become your biggest customer, supplier or colleague.

Better that he or she recalls your kindness while unemployed.

Dan Weckerly is an experienced public relations professional currently counseling a number of companies local to the Lehigh Valley. He can be reached at dweck140@gmail.com.

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