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Health Care Heroes

Health care workers have faced unprecedented challenges during the past year due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. These organizations and individuals deserve to be recognized and celebrated every day, but right now it is even more critical. Nominate individual Health Care Heroes or organizations who have had a positive impact on individuals and the quality of health care in our communities. Honorees will be celebrated on June 1st at the virtual awards event as well as through profiles in the Health Care Heroes magazine and online.

Event Date: June 1, 2021 | 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Application deadline March 5, 2021


For more information, contact our Events Team at lvbevents@bridgetowermedia.com


Tuesday, June 01, 2021
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Please make sure to save and print this form as proof of receipt for your application.

Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required. To be eligible for this award, the winner must be located in the Lehigh Valley region at the time of judging.

We encourage applicants to include up to three letters of recommendation. Letters may be sent electronically to lvbevents@bridgetowermedia.com.

Applications and up to three letters of recommendation are due by March 5, 2021.

Please provide as much information as possible so that our judges will be able to make the most informed decisions possible, based on your accomplishments.


Advancement in Innovation and Health Care

This honors an organization principally responsible for a scientific discovery or for the development of a new process, device or a service that can save or improve the quality of life for a large number of people.

Allied Health Hero

This honors a non-physician professional practicing in allied health who displays exemplary performance in his/her field and whose services benefit families in our local communities. Examples include: Physician Assistants, lab technicians, phlebotomists, chemotherapy technicians, CNAs, hospice workers, nutritionists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and radiology technicians.

Community Outreach/Education Hero

This honors an individual or organization that reaches outside of their normal sphere of business to focus attention on a health care issue or to solve a community health problem.

COVID-19 Hero

This award honors an individual making an impact during the COVID-19 pandemic.

First Responder Hero

This honors individuals such as the military, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, firefighters and police for their professional achievement and community involvement in their line of duty.

Health Professional Hero

This honors non-medical health care workers. Examples include administrators, professors, health insurance professionals and receptionists.

Lifetime Achievement Hero

This award is presented to one individual for his/her lifetime career of advancing the health care of our region through heroic acts, mentoring, compassion, honor and integrity.

Mental Health Caregiver of the Year

This honors an individual or organization that provides mental health support and counseling services to individuals and families in our local communities.

Nurse of the Year

This honors a nurse or nurse practitioner whose performance is considered exemplary by patients and doctors and provides a model of professionalism to peers.

Pediatric and Pediatric Specialties Hero

This honors a physician or non-physician working in pediatric medicine or pediatric medical specialties whose work notably benefits the children in our local communities.

Physician of the Year

This honors a physician who displays exemplary performance in his/her field and whose services benefit in our local communities.

Senior Care Hero

This honors an individual or organization committed to advancing the health and wellness of senior citizens in our local communities.

Special Needs Advocate

This honors an individual or organization invested in special needs care for adults and/or children and making a difference to families in our local communities.

Therapeutic Care Provider of the Year

This honors an individual or organization invested in physical therapy, occupational therapy or chiropractic care whose job performance is considered commendable by patients and colleagues.

Volunteer Hero

This honors non-payroll individuals who reach out with time or skills to help patients or health care providers.

Women’s Health and Wellness Hero

This honors an individual or organization that makes women’s health and wellness a top priority and whose services benefit women of all ages. Examples include: OB/GYNs, imaging technicians, midwives, doulas, women’s health facilities.

Workplace Wellness Program of the Year

This honors an organization for a company-wide wellness program, healthy work environment, ergonomics program, or other health-related activities benefiting employees.

How can I be considered for a Health Care Hero award?

Nominations can be made by anyone, including yourself. An application is automatically emailed to all nominees and must be completed in order to be considered for this award. A letter of recommendation is not required, but is strongly encouraged to assist the judges in making their decision.

To be eligible, applicants must live in or work in either Berks, Carbon, Lehigh, lower Monroe, Montgomery, Northampton, upper Bucks, Schuylkill or Warren County.

How often can I be considered?

You can be nominated, apply and win annually as long as you are updating your application annually and meet the criteria.

Can I save the nomination or application forms while I’m working on them?


Who are the judges and what are they looking for when selecting the Health Care Heroes?

An outside panel of health care leaders from across central Pennsylvania selects the Health Care Hero winners. Judges look for organizations and individuals who have made an impact on the quality of healthcare within the Greater Lehigh Valley area. It is helpful to have at least one letter of recommendation from someone that can speak to all three of these achievements.

Where do I have to live to qualify for this award? 

You must live or work in one of the following counties: Berks, Carbon, Lehigh, lower Monroe, Montgomery, Northampton, upper Bucks, Schuylkill or Warren.

Should I have a letter of recommendation sent?

Past judges have told us that the letter(s) of recommendation is helpful particularly when they are not familiar with the candidate. Up to 3 letters of recommendations can be emailed to lvbevents@bridgetowermedia.comPlease save all letters of recommendation as PDFs labeled with your name (or organization) led by the category or event you are being nominated for.  The letter will be paired to your application when it is received.

Do the winners have to say something?

Winners do not speak live during the event, but will be contacted to be profiled in a multi-media video that will be aired during the event.

I’m a Health Care Hero award winner, what now?

Sit tight, a member of our team will contact you soon with any additional details.

If I’m a winner, do I need to purchase a ticket?

You do not need to purchase a ticket for yourself as an honoree. All other attendees must purchase a ticket. Sponsorship packages are available to purchase for those wanting large groups of tickets and additional benefits.

Can I buy an ad in the publication?

The Health Care Hero program is supported through sponsorships. The ads you see in the magazine are part of the sponsorship packages. Please email shuettner@bridgetowermedia.com.

I bought a ticket but I don’t see it?

Tickets will be sent to you and everyone who registers the day before and the day of the event via email.

Remember, tickets can only be opened on one device, if you open it on your phone but then try to open it on your computer it will not work.


Contact lvbevents@bridgetowermedia.com if you have any issues.

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