Don’t worry, be supremely happy

Bobby McFerrin: Now that's the attitude. - (Photo / Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia Commons)

Author Travis Bradberry of California says we’re always chasing something – such as a promotion, new car or significant other.

What about chasing retirement?

Well, that’s another story, so back to Bradberry: He says that Northwestern University research shows that although major events such as a promotion or buying a new car make us happy, the happiness doesn’t last.

Rather, he says, happiness that lasts is earned through your habits. And that “supremely happy people have honed habits that maintain their happiness day in, day out.”

Bradberry goes on to cite 11 habits of extremely happy people, including:

— They slow down to appreciate life’s little pleasures.

— They exercise.

— They spend money on other people.

— They surround themselves with the right people.

— They help others.

For the complete list and more details on these habits, click here.

Then there’s Bobby McFerrin’s advice from his 1980s hit song: “Don’t worry, be happy.”

That advice only works if you didn’t give a damn. Alas, most of us do give a damn.


— Who knew the National Anthem would be the most suspenseful part of an NFL game?

— The college basketball bribery scandal is surprising but not shocking. Mixing shoe companies, agents and college recruiting is a recipe for fraud.

— I’ve asked all area supermarkets to immediately make these changes to their produce department:

(1) Shovel all of their tomatoes in stock, regardless of variety, into one bin and hide it in the back of the store.

(2) Start a new bin labeled: “Tomatoes that don’t suck.”

(3) Call me if they ever get any tomatoes for that new bin.

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