Berks County Real Estate Transactions

PHOTO/TERRY SCOTT REED JSK Reading LLC bought 1040 Park Road, known as The Inn at Reading, in Berkshire Heights for $6 million. The seller was Reading Hotel Park Inc.

Documents on file in Berks County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


JSK Reading LLC bought 1040 Park Road from Reading Hotel Park Inc. for $6 million. Parcel 96-4397-16-84-4587.


Henry Klassen bought 322 Stevens Ave. from Nancy Weaver for $244,000. Parcel 29-4450-11-65-0095.


SK Tool and Die Inc. bought 325 W. Main St. from KKW Inc. for $960,000. Parcel 31-5334-12-96-3368.


7-Eleven Inc. bought 722 N. Route 100 from Sunoco Retail LLC for $1.858 million. Parcel 38-5397-05-19-3953.

Randy D., Brenda S. and Justin H. Sailer bought 539 Reading Ave. from Russell Weller for $87,385. Parcel 38-5397-13-04-4146.


Kim B. Bauer bought 6260 Perkiomen Ave. from Juan Carlos and Andreaq Guevara for $260,000. Parcel 43-5335-11-55-3034.


Recovery Housing LP bought property on Werner St. and 225 E. Wyomissing Ave. from Theodoredis Development Group for $400,000. Parcels 65-4395-14-32-6852 and 65-4395-14-32-7892.


Airfonzie and Shirley Peterson bought 2727 N. Fifth St. from JoAnn Confer for $159,900. Parcel 66-5308-12-75-8090.

John Hai Van Vy bought 514 Fairview St. from William and Donna Nitka for $137,000. Parcel 66-5308-12-75-8340.


Esther and Avel Taveras bought 5806 Pottsville Pike from Peter Phan for $80,800. Parcel 68-4491-14-34-6215.


125 S. 6th Street LLC bought 125 S. Sixth St. from American Management Realty Corp. for $20,000. Parcel 04-5306-27-89-4392.

Jack E. Nieto bought 1156 Franklin St. from Bayview Loan Servicing LLC for $47,000. Parcel 03-5316-22-19-6500.

MLRC Holdings bought 532R, 534 and 532 Minor St. from Thomas G. Faust for $79,900. Parcels 02-5306-43-87-5067, 02-5306-43-87-5092 and 02-5306-43-87-6017.

PMF Management LLC bought 54 S. Sixth St. from Mark T. Sr. and Sherry D. Fusco for $39,000. Parcel 04-5306-27-89-3712.

Joseph Wolphy bought 142 S. Sixth St. from Walter Jr. and Dorothy LaSota for $160,000. Parcel 04-5306-27-79-7137.

Leida Ortiz bought 963 N. 11th St. from Jose Anibal Suarez-Lopez for $50,000. Parcel 13-5317-45-15-1697.

Nadia M. Levan bought 525 Elm St. from Anthony B. III and Ann T. Rearden for $70,000. Parcel 07-5307-75-82-1072.

7-Eleven Inc. bought 1640 Perkiomen Ave. from Sunoco Retail LLC for $1.357 million. Parcel 16-5316-32-48-2084.


Stephen and Denise Kaufman bought 39 E. Lancaster Ave. from Richard and Michele Greene for $440,000. Parcel 77-4395-07-78-3767.

Leeland Slate Roofing Inc. bought 128 W. Broad St. from Sheldon Rentals LLC for $215,000. Parcel77-4395-07-57-7572.


2125 Portland LLC bought 2125 Portland Ave. from Frank Ferrara and Son Inc. for $275,000. Parcel 80-4396-09-06-9798.

7-Eleven Inc. bought 3100 State Hill Road from Sunoco Retail LLC for $1.088 million. Parcel 80-4387-16-73-7076.


Justin B., Krista B., Philip and Joyce Eberly bought 7694 Lancaster Ave. from David and Yvonne Gingrich for $210,000. Parcel 86-4400-00-41-5027.


COLC III LLC bought 89 Penn Ave. from Jeffrey and Maria Wonder for $138,000. Parcel 90-4366-11-67-2277.


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