Berks County Real Estate Transactions

Documents on file in Berks County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


Carini III Inc. bought 824 E. Ben Franklin Highway from John W. and E. Paula Bauer for $200,000. Parcel 24-5354-11-75-0630.


JAMJ LLC bought 2746 Bernville Road from Romill Associates LP for $7.5 million. Parcel 27-4388-02-99-0115.


Willis R. and Sherri Geesaman bought 850 Meckville Road from Clayton Farnsworth for $305,000. Parcel 30-3481-00-17-5495.

SLR Holdings LLC bought property on Airport Road from H. Moffette Jr. and Mary J. Tharpe for $560,000. Parcel 30-4412-00-30-4684.


O’Conner Investment Co. bought 56 S. Washington St. from Richard and Barbara Fine Trust for $165,000. Parcel 33-5387-20-90-2317.


Zeke Garschagen and Bitar Hazar bought 920 Joanna Road from Twin Valley Football Inc. for 140,000. Parcel 35-5321-04-80-0002.


5700 Perkiomen Avenue LLC bought 5700 Perkiomen Ave. from Exeter Land Co. for $7,000. Parcel 43-5335-09-16-9732.


VM Tow LLC bought 2 N. Second St. from Karpenko Family Trust for $565,000. Parcel 46-4484-08-99-5893.


DPPR Enterprises LLC bought 1030 New Holland Road from Charles and Janelle Price for $100,000. Parcel 54-5306-18-41-0467.


Five Star Holdings LLC bought 2120 Hampden Blvd. from Douglas Haring for $235,000. Parcel 66-5318-18-41-9994.


Infinity Capital LLC bought property on Redners Way from Albert Blough for $160,000. Parcel 68-5400-05-19-1736.


Robert A. and Tanya M. Kutzler bought 1339 Perkiomen Ave. from Joe Jr. and Natale Accordino for $95,000. Parcel 16-5316-06-28-6749.

Gurpreet Khurmi bought 1356 Cotton St. and 1727 Perkiomen Ave. from Eric Cintron for $175,000. Parcels 16-5316-31-27-6716 and 16-5316-32-48-6099.

City of Reading bought 932A Penn St. from Robert Ekvall for $75,000. Parcel 03-5317-77-00-3043.

Luis Jara bought 323 N. Fifth St. from Falcon 31 LLC for $85,000. Parcel 07-5307-75-72-9156.

RC Property Investments LLC bought 146 N. Sixth St. from Francisco and Irene Gallardo for $110,000. Parcel 07-5307-83-81-3202.

Newport Real Estate Group LLC bought 211 S. Fifth St. from Gingerman LLC for $130,000. Parcel 04-5306-27-78-9934.

William Rodriguez bought 342 N. Ninth St. from Israel Gonzalez for $110,000. Parcel 09-5307-76-92-9333.

Marilyn Abadia bought 143 N. Fourth St. from Petrica Jivcovici for $138,400. Parcel 07-5307-82-71-3281.

Newport Real Estate Group LLC bought 205 S. Fifth St. from Lavender Hall LLC for $119,000. Parcel 04-5306-27-79-9030.

Pabvany Food Market Inc. bought 252 S. Fourth St. from Francisco Martonez for $150,000. Parcel 53-5306-34-78-1596.

Winnie Realty Group LLC bought 538 Franklin St. from Robert and Michelle Medina for $45,500. Parcel 04-5306-27-89-3504.

Mario Armengot bought 125 N Eighth St., 132 Cedar St., 129 N. Eighth St. and 134 Cedar St. from Edward Jose Pichardo Melo for $37,500. Parcels 08-5307-84-91-5078, 08-5307-84-91-6099, 08-5307-84-91-6121 and 08-5307-84-91-7029.

We Agape You Inc. bought 353 N. Fifth St. from Dominique Paraison and Robbin Wright for $7,500. Parcel 07-5307-75-72-9421.

Alejandro Brito bought 336 N. Fifth St. from Joseph Ramos for $115,000. Parcel 07-5307-75-72-7302.

Jose Oscar De La Cruz bought 338 N. Sixth St. from Yolanda Rivera for $170,000. Parcel 07-5307-75-82-2392.

Bisbo Enterprises LLC bought 48 N. 11th St. from Sweigart Investments LLC for $110,000. Parcel 08-5317-77-10-0627.

Newport Real Estate Group LLC bought 234 and 230 S. Fifth St. from Victorian House LLC for $395,000. Parcels 04-5306-35-78-6689 and 04-5306-35-78-6782.


SBSB Enterprises LLC bought 4008 Penn Ave. from Denis Hafer for $260,000. Parcel 79-4386-09-05-9764.

Chopra Brothers Investments bought 3836 Penn Ave. from Nematollah Lotti for $260,000. Parcel 79-4386-09-05-9764.


COLC III LLC bought 103 E. Penn Ave. from Gerald and Vivian Hain for $350,000. Parcel 90-4366-11-67-3441.


Corneliu and Magdalena Costea bought 547 Franklin St. from Charles and Thuy Pham for $165,000. Parcel 93-5306-05-19-8907.


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