Berks County Real Estate Transactions

Documents on file in Berks County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


RE Equity Investments LLC bought 28 Miller Ave. from Castlerock 2017 LLC for $35,000. Parcel 22-5329-16-83-0132.

Melissa Ann Lengle bought 195 Wanner Road from Harry H. Jr. and Barbara J. Leitheiser Irrevocable Trust for $185,000. Parcel 22-5328-01-46-4580.


Douglassville Ben Franklin LLC bought 1149 Ben Franklin Highway from SCP 2005-C21-064 LLC for $4.658 million. Parcel 24-5364-14-34-8601.


Fletch Real Estate LP bought property along James Drive from Gordo Real Estate Inv. LLC for $225,000. Parcel 27-4389-04-80-2174.


61 S. Reading Avenue LLC bought 61 S. Reading Ave. from Joseph M. and James N. DiCindio for $100,000. Parcel 35-5387-20-80-3988.

Bernadette M. and Curt Sheller bought 124 N. Chestnut St. from James Webb for $84,900. Parcel 33-5387-20-91-6590.


Mancont LLC bought 1108 Maple Grove Road from Gary L. and Anna L. Morgan for $146,000. Parcel 34-5302-03-01-3708.


MB Investments bought 102 E. Baumstown Road from Palmer & Palmer LP and 100 E. Baumstown Road from Palmer Ltd. Partnership for $450,000. Parcels 43-5345-18-20-7665 and 43-5345-18-20-5773.

NPC QB II LP bought 5411 Perkiomen Ave. from Valenti Mid-Atlantic Realty LLC for $899,000. Parcel 43-5335-09-17-0477.


Douglas R. Demotto bought 2001 County St. from Stephen J. Ulianna for $155,000. Parcel 57-5319-18-21-6912.


Skinner Real Estate LLC bought 8832 Allentown Pike from WLB Partners LP for $495,000. Parcel 61-5421-01-16-3210.


William M. and Joyce G. Gardner bought 2591 Centre Ave. from Hendricks Commercial Property LLC for $1,679,430. Parcel 66-5308-15-63-4295.


Ventas Portfolio PA LLC bought 1000 and 948 E. Wyomissing Blvd. from CCP Wyomissing 1237 LLC for $6.859 million. Parcels 18-5306-46-25-3259 and 18-5306-47-25-6338.

Makemoneypick.com LLC bought 1040 Lancaster Ave. from Jin X Chen for $100,000. Parcel 18-5306-18-32-4263.

Milan Real Estate Investment LLC bought 144 N. Fifth St. from E&A Development LLC for $130,000. Parcel 07-5307-75-71-7245.

Yudleima Perez Ruiz bought 837 Nicolls St. from Victor Espinal and Manuel Mares Garcia for $20,000. Parcel 12-5307-60-94-5939.

Luis E. and Rocio C. Preito bought 1306 Butler St. from KTD Holdings LLC for $40,000. Parcel 19-5307-38-16-5799.

Seafood Rewards LLC bought 231 Lancaster Ave. from Lancaster Avenue Properties LLC for $2,225,000. Parcel 18-5306-49-65-0224.

Juan I. Garcia Martinez bought 418 N. Ninth St. from Jose L. and Martha I. Loaiza for $50,000. Parcel 11-5307-68-92-9636.

Antonio Ayala bought 1707 Cotton St. from Karl R. Pfahl for $129,000. Parcel 16-5316-32-47-5844.

Bob’s Auto Gallery Inc. bought 213 S. 11th St. from Princeton Commercial Property Holdings LLC for $9,288. Parcel 10-5316-21-18-2836.

Mothy Hospitality LLC bought 1000 Oley St. from Aristides Reyes for $135,000. Parcel 12-5317-53-04-6002.

Johns Next Generation LLC bought 1138 Lancaster Ave. from Aref M. Salama for $250,000. Parcel 18-5306-18-32-0052.

Ashby Inc. bought 400 and 401 S. Sixth St. from South 6th St. Properties LLC for $1,638,363. Parcels 01-5306-35-87-3709 and 02-5306-35-87-4973.

Charles Marchisotto bought 213 N. 10th St. from Urban Spaces LLC for $60,000. Parcel 09-5317-69-01-6544.

Henry Rodriguez Rosario bought 149 S. Fourth St. from Xian Jun Zhang for $60,000. Parcel 04-5306-26-79-3140.

Ponces Parking LLC bought 601 N. 12th St. from 12th & Green Parking LLC for $138,000. Parcel 12-5317-62-13-7645.


Tyler D. McCarty bought 2117 Portland Ave. from Balton Properties LLC for $295,000. Parcel 80-4396-09-16-0779.


Prospect Partners 101 LLC bought 101 N. Prospect St. from Ronald D. and Rebecca A. Menet for $475,000. Parcel 81-5326-06-28-9695.

Eugene Tobolski bought 3001 Perkiomen Ave. from Pottstown Pike Properties LLC for $319,000. Parcel 81-5326-09-27-1093.


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