Behind the List with Marie Moser of East Pointe Search Group Inc.

‘Eight years in business is our greatest success’

Small businesses throughout the nation have done whatever it takes to survive through tough economic times.

Greater Lehigh Valley entrepreneurs and business owners are lucky to have access to organizations that offer guidance through staffing and recruiting services – which give them a better chance to succeed.

One recruiting firm that’s making an impact on the region is East Pointe Search Group Inc. in Oley.

Here to answer this week’s “Behind the List” questions is Marie Moser, founder and CEO of the firm.

Lehigh Valley Business: How long has East Pointe Search Group been operating in the region and what are its primary services?

Marie Moser: East Pointe Search Group Inc. will be celebrating its eight-year anniversary on Sept. 9. EPSG, “The Direct Hire Solution,” specializes in direct hire placement of professionals in the areas of information technology, engineering, manufacturing, operations and administration. Contract and temporary placement services are also available. …

LVB: What have been some of the biggest challenges and opportunities that East Pointe Search Group has encountered throughout its years in business?

Moser: East Pointe Search Group is a small, locally owned and operated business and must compete with the regional/national employment services. These challenges have been overcome by providing exceptional customer-focused service, understanding our clients’ needs, respecting our clients’ investment in working with an independent recruiter and listening to what candidates want in their next employment opportunity.

In 2009, when I opened my business, I was a single mother of two teenagers. This created a challenge to make it a success on a small budget. I started out with the essentials of a home office, set goals, and as I reached those goals made purchases to improve the business.

Something a client said to me years ago stays with me: The human resources manager was pleased to know that EPSG was a privately owned, smaller firm because she knew I would work diligently to place top-notch candidates; the success of my business was highly dependent upon every placement being a success.

I am truly grateful to all the employers who have given me the opportunity to work with them throughout the years.

LVB: With the economy growing stronger, has East Pointe Search Group seen more direct job placements recently? How does the firm directly stimulate the local economy?

Moser: In 2017, EPSG has had its best first half of the year in terms of revenue. We want to be a positive experience for candidates seeking new employment as well as a resource for businesses wanting to add exceptional talent to their teams.

EPSG is a contingency fee recruitment firm. Our clients (employers) do not pay a fee until we have found a suitable match for their hiring needs. This is a savings to companies who do not want to put out money for a retainer up front.

[There is] no fee to candidates seeking employment.

LVB: What are some notable success stories at East Pointe Search Group? Are there specific industries that the firm services, and does it expand into other markets outside of the Greater Reading and Lehigh Valley areas? Who are some of its most notable clients?

Moser: Celebrating eight years in business is our greatest success. That celebration tells me we are doing something right.

I recognize how fortunate I am to have a successful business, and that means that all the little things that have happened along the way (ups and downs), made up the eight years of total success.

Maintaining long-term business relationships with our clients and candidates has been very rewarding, as well.

East Pointe services all industries including large, worldwide corporations, manufacturing and distribution companies, small engineering firms and nonprofit organizations.

Most of the placement is within Pennsylvania, however we have been successful working with companies throughout the United States.

LVB: What does the future look like for East Pointe Search Group?

Moser: Bright. EPSG will continue doing what it’s been doing; it works.

This business has been good to me, and in turn I will continue to give back to the community by making donations, volunteering my time, talents and network to help other organizations and people.

East Pointe’s clients and I have a mutually respectful relationship. It’s a win-win. East Pointe Search Group’s goal is to continue that respect with existing and future clients.

I count my blessings in the ability to provide staffing and recruiting services to employers and appreciate the value they place on EPSG’s services.

Christopher Holland
Christopher Holland is a researcher for Lehigh Valley Business and blogs on arts and entertainment in the region.

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