Behind the List with Kandy Boyer of Sioux Services/Environmental LLC

Full-service solutions, staying in compliance

Today, having a green thumb is imperative to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Recycling products from plastics to cardboard, and everything in between, goes a long way in sustaining a clean environment.

Businesses in the Greater Lehigh Valley and beyond produce mass amounts of waste daily. Fortunately, there are waste hauling and recycling companies throughout the region equipped with the resources to properly dispose of and recycle leftover materials and trash.

One company that has a significant impact in the region is Sioux Services/Environmental LLC in Exeter Township.

Here to answer this week’s “Behind the List” questions is Kandy Boyer, president of the waste management company.

Lehigh Valley Business: How long has Sioux Services/Environmental LLC been operating in the Greater Reading/Greater Lehigh Valley and what are its primary services?

Kandy Boyer: Sioux Services/Environmental in Exeter Township has been operating in the region for 12 years. We formed our business November 2006.

At Sioux Services/Environmental, we have been more than an “environmental contractor” from day one. We offer comprehensive solutions to our clientele’s waste disposal needs. From a simple pickup of nonhazardous waste to packaging a complex hazardous waste project, we are your single source-provider and we pride ourselves on being on time and on budget.

In addition, we pride ourselves on meeting the shortest scheduling times (we own a fleet of six trucks).

Our field and office team are trained, experienced and integrated, accepting multiple challenges, offering full-service solutions to our clientele to keep in compliance with the regulations.

The entire experience and approach in placing an order with us is streamlined and cost-effective no matter what size of project.

LVB: What have been some of the biggest challenges and opportunities that Sioux Services/Environmental LLC has encountered throughout its years in business?

Boyer: Regardless of size, most businesses face the same challenges of partners that you can count on. At Sioux Services/Environmental, we take pride in establishing relationships with our clientele and become an extension of their team, offering project management and one-stop solutions.

We feel strongly that being a partner in today’s transactional world sets us apart. We are always firmly in our customer’s corner to complete a project safely and compliant.

To differentiate, keeping up with the latest technology and regulations allows us to maintain our standards of excellence and deliver cost-effective waste services and products to clients.

LVB: Recycling is imperative to maintaining a healthy environment and ecosystem. What strategies does Sioux Services/Environmental LLC implement in its business to ensure that waste is properly treated while being environmentally conscious?

Boyer: Sioux Services/Environmental has grown substantially. We originally started the business in our home, and, after a year of growth, we had to move from our home and moved to a commercial office/warehouse site that houses our supplies and houses our permitted truck fleet.

Some of our most notable projects that we completed include:

  • A large remediation project at Just Born Inc. in Bethlehem.
  • Newlywed Foods complete environmental program, including universal waste, nonhazardous and hazardous waste.
  • Lehigh Valley Health Network various sites, pharmaceutical waste program, lab waste, universal waste, pit cleaning, emergency response, decon clothes.
  • Coordinated Health System’s prime contractor, various waste.
  • Blue Mountain Health System’s prime contractor, various waste.

Now that we’ve expanded, we can cover eastern Pennsylvania and have expanded to the tri-state area.

LVB: How does Sioux Services/Environmental LLC directly stimulate the local economy? How does it get involved with the local community?

Boyer: We pride ourselves in utilizing local businesses for assistance and supplies – Uline in Allentown, Heffner in Leesport … Weikel Sportswear and promotional items in Reading, Albert Rostolsky’s reconditioned drums in Lancaster, to name a few.

We provide assistance to many companies like ourselves to grow their businesses by providing an open line of communication. We have built alliances with a large amount of disposal facilities and transporters to enable us to give our clientele the advantage of a diversified placement of their waste material.

We pride ourselves to educate on our online portal.

We have an 800 number 24-7 for any free consultation so clientele can be in compliance.

LVB: What rules and regulations must Sioux Services/Environmental LLC adhere to regarding the Environmental Protection Agency, among others?

Boyer: We work in strict adherence with the Environmental Protection Agency, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

LVB: What does the future look like for Sioux Services/Environmental LLC? Does it have plans for growth and/or new, innovative ideas in the pipeline?

Boyer: The waste industry is growing and continues to be a bright spot for Sioux Services/Environmental. We have added new trucks and additional staff to handle the growth.

We see the use of new technology and marketing innovation helping to solidify our one-stop solution to service businesses across the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

Our cutting-edge website enables our customers to educate themselves so they can control their environmental compliance concerns.

We provide information and assistance to simplify the experience of waste transportation and disposal of their waste.

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