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Where’s the money?

  They are still looking for Travis Mason’s killer. The 24-year-old ex-Marine, husband and father of three young children was shot to death while working as a security guard at the Green Heart marijuana dispensary in Aurora, Co., on June 18, 2016. The reward for the capture of his killer or killers has increased to ...

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Customers says ‘yes’ to hemp, ‘no’ to cannabis

While banned for decades, passage of the 2018 Farm Bill allowed farmers to return an historic crop to their fields – hemp. More importantly, it made it legal for banking institutions to loan money to hemp-related businesses. But  few have chosen to do so. There are only about 500 banks in the country that provide ...

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Growing an industry

  Gretchen Gailey is not the most likely person to end up employed in the cannabis industry. The Pittsburgh native and Penn State journalism grad has worked as a researcher and associate producer with NBC News, a field producer with the Fox News Channel, was a state officer with the Pennsylvania chapter of the Daughters ...

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A Conversation With: Dennis Morton of Morton Brown Family Wealth

As a financial adviser, Dennis Morton has integrated his academic background in history and finance with his professional background as an Army officer and entrepreneur. Along with his partner, Katie Brown, they have drawn on our decades of combined experience and designed Morton Brown Family Wealth to advise families, including business owners, on their unique ...

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