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Before selling the business, bring financial order

Before selling your company, you have to ensure that the financial side of your business will be ready for analysis by prospective buyers. If you are not in a distressed situation or turnaround mode, and have time – ideally one to three years – prior to starting down the path with a buyer, a mergers and acquisitions specialist can help focus on the following key themes to get the financial side of your business ready for sale.

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National eyes are on Philadelphia pay-equity case

Thea Paolini, an attorney with Harrisburg-based Nauman Smith (Photo: Submitted)

In 1963 the Equal Pay Act was passed with the noble intention of eliminating pay inequality by making it illegal to pay men and women unequally for equal work. Although an initial step in the right direction, over 50 years have passed, and America still struggles with a gender pay gap.

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Hellertown café blends ice cream, fantasy themes

People looking for a unique way to cool off this summer may want to head over to Hellertown for a scoop of Paradise Island or Mermaid Lagoon ice cream. Those and other flavors are being served up from medieval-style cauldrons at Mystical Treatsss Café, which opened earlier this year.

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