A-Treat on tap: Company hopes fountain-style soda will stir taste buds, creativity

A-Treat should be available in soda fountains at bars and restaurants in the near future. (Contributed photo)

If A-Treat soda was ever available fountain-style, Luke Jaindl, general manager of the soda brand, said he doesn’t recall.

So the latest offering from the 100-year-old soda brand may just be something new.

A-Treat has announced that it will soon begin manufacturing what is known in the industry as bag-in-a-box soda, which is used with soda fountains usually found in restaurants, bars or other places people might go for an icy glass or cup of soda.

Personally, I’m very interested to try it. I’m a firm believer that the container a beverage comes in has a strong impact on its flavor.

I was just explaining this to my nephew, Calvin, who was expressing his Coke vs. Pepsi preferences.

Given the choice, I prefer Coke over Pepsi in a can, but Pepsi over Coke in a plastic bottle. My father piped in that all soda tastes better in a glass bottle.

Then we all agreed that fountain soda – for the most part – was the best of the bunch.

So, perhaps the Jaindl family was listening to our conversation and decided it had to up its game.

Well, maybe not.

Luke Jaindl said offering A-Treat soda for fountain systems simply opens up a new avenue of sales for the company as it continues to build the brand it bought in 2015.

It doesn’t have yet a particular target in mind for fountain A-Treat soda. It is still putting out feelers on who would like to carry it and what flavors they would like.

“We’re just letting people know this is going to be available and get their feedback,” he said.

Jaindl said cream, orange cream, ginger ale and blue raspberry – the current top sellers – likely will be the ones most in demand.

He has a couple of ideas on how the product could be used, especially at bars.

“There are really different flavors, and there are a [number] of restaurants around hear that do seasonal mixed drinks,” he said.

He imagines there could be interesting cocktail combinations using some of A-Treat’s unusual flavors.

(I’ll have a blue raspberry mojito please!?)

It couldn’t hurt that the “buy local” movement is pretty big. That might lure restaurants that promote they use locally sourced produce to also offer local soda.

So, Jaindl expects the Lehigh Valley will be receptive to fountain A-Treat soda.

Of course, he hopes the idea sells outside the region, too.


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