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Behind the List with Mike Bruckner of Muhlenberg College

The Greater Lehigh Valley is blessed with many colleges and universities that help students prepare for careers across all industries.

Behind the List with Barry Isett & Associates Inc.

The need for engineering services in the Greater Lehigh Valley is as strong as ever as construction is booming and the cities' downtowns are rapidly...

Behind the List with Christine Andrew of NE PA Community Federal Credit Union

Credit unions are financial institutions owned by members.

Behind the List with Rich Plinke of How to Sell the Plague LLC

Running a business is not easy; running a successful business is even more difficult to do.

Behind the List with Gene Dickison of MtM Financial Group Inc.

Maintaining financial stability is imperative to quality of life and to running a successful business.

Behind the List with Doug Hutchinson of Hutchinson, Gillahan & Freeh PC

It's about to be the busy season for accounting and tax preparation firms around the nation.

Behind the List with David Mickenberg of Allentown Art Museum

Arts and culture have been growing in popularity in the Greater Lehigh Valley, and there's physical proof almost everywhere you look.

Behind the List with David and Mary Beth Weinstein of Sunburst Property Management

High-tech, higher expectations

Throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley, commercial and residential real estate agents are placing tenants into offices and homes every day.

Behind the List with Robert K. Cawley of Peerless Business Advisors

Guiding, advising business owners

Proper succession planning is imperative to growing a business.

Behind the List with Keith Malcolm of Semmel Excavating Inc.

Opportunities in health, education

The number of construction projects recently completed or underway in the Greater Lehigh Valley is making a strong economic impact in the region.

Behind the List with Gale Hodavance of Jangle Advertising, Marketing & Communications

‘Attention-getting creative’

Managing a business today takes hard work, dedication and passion.

Behind the List with Sandra Wessner of TBL Inc.

Goals: Best service, most value

Tax season is the busiest time of year for Certified Public Accountants, and it is just around the corner.

Behind the List with Bill Regan of Stotz & Fatzinger

Local service, today’s technology

Every day in an office, many kinds of supplies are being used.

Behind the List with Eric J. Boyle, Wealth Manager of Crest Financial Group

Trusted investment advice

Effectively managing your money is imperative to quality of life.

Behind the List with ETI CO.

There is growth in trucking

The Greater Lehigh Valley is a prime location for doing business.

Behind the List with Mike Kelly, Partner of KCBA Architects

Strategic marketing, excellent service

Building construction and design have made a strong upswing in the Greater Lehigh Valley.

Behind the List with Jan Graybill, senior partner of Legacy Planning Partners

‘Impartial financial advice’

Planning for a stable financial future is imperative to quality of life.

Behind the List with Michelle Powers, executive vice president of human resources of Crayola

Unlocking kids’ creativity

The Greater Lehigh Valley is a colorful place, and not just with the rise in economic development and an ever-growing entertainment...

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