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What’s in store in downtown Nazareth? Lately, plenty

What’s in store in downtown Nazareth? Lately, plenty


It’s a new day for Nazareth’s downtown.

Allentown revival still on target, say officials, despite corruption charges

Though Allentown’s mayor is facing corruption charges in an alleged pay-to-play scheme cited in a federal indictment issued in July, officials,...

Send in the cloud: Technology revamps role of accountant

Today’s accountants know they need to exchange their numbers’ wizardry in favor of a business consultant cap, clear their desks of...

NEW VENTURES: S. Whitehall Wawa part of larger growth for chain

South Whitehall Township now has its own Wawa. The store opened its newest location at 408 Cedar Crest Blvd. at the intersection of Cedar Crest and...

premium content Sure, sales is tough, but by George, get off your duff

Don’t be a George – a term I’ve used a lot over the years in working with salespeople.

premium content Power of leadership: Confidence to achieve, inspire others

Some view leadership as a position riddled with onerous levels of responsibilities and restraints. Such thoughts often are used to avoid leadership...