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FADES  and  BLADES  Latest styles, methods  help barber academy  thrive in Reading

FADES and BLADES Latest styles, methods help barber academy thrive in Reading


It’s clinic time at the American Barber Academy in Reading, and amid the buzz of electric clippers and the sound of shears snipping, nearly a...

When it comes to backyards, he’s in front

Nearly 17 years ago, a great thing happened to Matt Breyer. He got fired.

E. Stroudsburg one of first to cap tuition for new students

East Stroudsburg University is the first of the state-owned colleges in Pennsylvania to freeze tuition for incoming four-year students, starting this...

Berks Jazz Fest hauls in $5M annual revenue

The 10-day Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest is a well-respected jazz festival recognized as one of the largest and most diverse music festivals of its...

Loosely edited but nonetheless pioneering success stories

premium content Loosely edited but nonetheless pioneering success stories

By Terri Schlichenmeyer

A dollar doesn’t buy as much as it used to.

premium content Spring cleaning: Take stock and polish your finances

The beginning of spring is the opportune time to not only get your house in order, but to give your finances a good spring cleaning.

premium content Reduce risk by strategically driving your business’ value

Most people think that starting a business is risky.

premium content Value in private disability insurance for young professionals

If you work and rely on your paycheck, which is almost everyone, you need private/individual disability insurance.

760-unit  development  proposed

760-unit development proposed


A major mixed-use project could reshape the residential and commercial landscape of central Lehigh County.

premium content 2018 road map to maximizing your Social Security benefits

Most retirees receive more than half their income from Social Security.

World: Philippines drugs war leads Duterte to withdraw from ICC

Source: BBC News

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has said he plans to withdraw his country from the International Criminal Court (ICC) after it began examining...


Still growing and still a leader in community health care

The heartbeat of Reading Hospital first commanded the attention of Dr. Robert Brigham in 1989.

GET WHAT YOU DESERVE New hires have more bargaining power than they think, but often don’t use it


Negotiating a salary is a task that most workers may not be comfortable doing, particularly when jobs are scarce.