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Nibble away: After outcry, Gibble’s snacks to return to a grocery near you

A happy ending to a sad snack food story should also mean an end to a record-breaking comment thread.

Yes, thank you, we ARE awesome: Lehigh Valley getting national nods

Next time you walk out of your office, look up and wave because the world is watching.

Saving Tastykake from the snack food graveyard

Hey Tastykake! I think I know how to save your brand.

Free pizza costing Chevron its public image

There's a country song from the 1980s: “You say it best when you say nothing at all.”

Snow rest for the weary: Working from home on a wintry day

Here we go again. Another day, another snowpocalypse.

Will Pennsylvania legalize marijuana? The bad spellers say 'Yes!'

It has come to my attention recently that the majority of marijuana legalization supporters are not good spellers.

With lack of jet packs, Best Buy stock tumbles

This year under the Christmas tree, my husband truly surprised me. Really he did.

To open or not to open –THAT is the question on snowy work days

Monday morning I awoke with a panic. The sound of the wind blowing outside was a roar worse than I've heard in a long time. After freezing temperatures and heavy snow in recent days, I envisioned the worst – heavy snow and blowing winds and...

Geese can be good for you: How to turn negatives into positives

Several years ago, when Mayfair was still held at Cedar Beach, the staff came up with the idea to make the Canada goose the mascot for the annual arts festival.

Are you gifted at corporate giving?

Thank you, Klunk & Millan. We just received a box of chocolate-covered pretzels from you and they look tasty.

’Tis the season to be violating your office computer policy?

It’s the December crunch. Time to get in the last sales of the year, clear out inventory or finalize next year’s budget and make sure everyone’s health care plans are in order for 2014.

Droning on about new delivery technology

Delivery drones? Could they be a thing of the future?

How to keep from becoming ‘The Walking Dead’ in the workplace

We, as humans, weren’t meant to be cubicle dwellers. Our bodies simply weren’t designed for sitting for eight straight hours typing away at a computer. Therefore we quickly get tired and need a pick-me-up, or two – or three –...

'Selfie' is not a bad word for the social media savvy

Kids, the word for today is “selfie.”

Pets at work: Can your cat help you win the rat race?

This past weekend, the dog I've been fostering for nearly three months got adopted. While I miss the little schnook something awful, I'm very happy to know she found a great forever home with someone who intends to spoil her rotten.

Synergize your communication platform by dropping the darn jargon

This blog is going to be a real game changer. It's going to maximize our synergies to bolster the bottom line between our vertical business silos.

How much is that doggie in the wrong window? – Avoiding bad assumptions in business

You know the saying – about what you make “you” and “me” when you “assume.”

What's your Beef-a-Roni? – battling over office kitchen etiquette

While the bathroom is generally considered to be the most dangerous room in the home, there's little doubt that the most dangerous room in the workplace is the kitchen.

'A CEO, an accountant and a lawyer walk into a bar' – Using humor in business

One day in the fifth grade, my class apparently had been a little too rowdy. To disperse the pent-up energy, my teacher – Mrs. Palmer – had us stand up and walk around the classroom a couple of times.

Another year, another expo – and I'm in pen paradise

I'm going to take a week off from updating folks on the rebuilding of my house – partly because not much progress has been made, but mostly because it's expo week.

Breaking Badmouthing: Why you shouldn’t trash the competition

In week two of the “truck through my house” saga, I had to choose a contractor to perform the all important task of patching the gaping hole in what was left of my home.

Truck, meet house – Stacy, meet entire new industry

Monday morning, I was in bed, half asleep. It was 6:30 a.m. and my bed felt particularly comfortable that morning.

The cheese stands alone: Are pizza shortages a sign of a better economy?

I went out for a quick lunch today and stopped into a nearby Subway. I ordered a hoagie – which we locals insist on calling them – and was informed there was no provolone cheese.

My team is better than your team: Lehigh Valley bars face unique rivalry issues

It was a Thursday evening like any other. My husband and I were heading out to the local watering hole to catch some pre-season Eagles football. We didn't know the horror that was about to befall us.

Get out your PITCH forks: I'll tell you how to get my (and other reporters') attention

So you want to get an article about your company in the paper. It doesn't have to be Lehigh Valley Business – although that one is CLEARLY the best. Any paper will do.

What it IZ: A chance to get ‘cozy’ with tax zone terms

Several years ago, when I was handling public affairs for Lehigh County, a young reporter (I won’t name names) arrived to interview county officials about the newly formed Keystone Opportunity Zone – or KOZ – that the county was...

Bookstore fans promote Indigogo campaign to save Allentown shop

The purpose of running a business is to make a profit. You need that profit to earn a living for yourself and for employees.

Won’t you be my neighbor? Sam Adams’ Koch seeks hometown in every town

If you’ve lived in the Lehigh Valley for any length of time, you’ve probably had your fair share of Mike & Ike candies.

Readers bare their teeth over no more ‘Nibbles’

As one of my colleagues put it, “Don’t mess with Pennsylvanians and their snack foods.”

The cure for summer time office blahs – my blog!

Today we will be talking about how to pick a ripe watermelon, or maybe how to get that trendy snakeskin look for the fall.

FREE-dom rings for Fourth of July

This Fourth of July, the Pennsylvania Fish and Game Commission has a free day of fishing.

Malpractice means never being able to say you’re sorry

Back in my radio news days, someone asked me if I ever made any mistakes live on the air.

'Can you hear me now?'—Going to the third world to escape the real world

Well, here I am, back from vacation.Don't worry, this isn't a review of my hotel, or an open letter to the men of Europe about taking a good long look in the mirror before wearing that Speedo out in public.

Smoke on the water cooler: Anti-smoking laws reach further with new bill

I am a non-smoker. Even if I wasn't horribly allergic to the stuff, I find smoking to be a pretty nasty habit and have lost enough people to lung cancer to have no love lost between the Marlboro Man and me.

A bridge too far – poor road and bridge conditions cost you lots of pretty pennies

I have a nine-mile commute to work each day. In different circumstances, it would probably take me 15 minutes to make the trip each way, but it doesn’t.

I’m your biggest fan — Keeping cool in a hot office

The air conditioning is broken at good old 65 East again. This isn’t the first time. It probably won’t be the last. You’d think us office jockeys here would be used to it by now, but we’re not.

Doughnut be so nice to me: Keeping the calories down in a festive workplace

I have wonderful co-workers. No doubt about it. They're a great bunch of people who are all hard working and are fun to spend a day in the office with.There's only one small problem.I think they're all trying to kill me.

Networking tech-style: If you serve shrimp – they will come

More than 500 people turned out for this year's Ben Franklin Technology Partners i xchange this week at Lehigh University's Zoellner Arts Center.

‘You like me you really do!’— getting the right ‘likes’ on social media

In Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” the protagonist, Willy Loman, worries not only if he’s “liked” but if he’s “well liked.”

Tweet safely my friends

“Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.”

Social media marketing should be silent in wake of national tragedy

Monday afternoon, like many people who handle the social media for their companies, I was just about to make a Facebook post – in my case asking people to vote in our latest poll.

Are cubicles breathing their dying breath?

Last week the Wall Street Journal predicted the death of the cubicle, with companies moving to more open office spaces.

The smartphone, a love story

The smartphone has gotten a bit of a bad rap in recent years. Many people curse smartphones as the downfall of modern discourse and the end to personal downtime.

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