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Writer and online editor Stacy Wescoe has her finger on the pulse of the business community in the Greater Lehigh Valley and keeps you up-to-date with what coworkers and competitors are talking about around the water cooler — and on social media

Cat tiled into bathroom floor makes fodder for news feeds

In my job compiling the daily newsletter for Lehigh Valley Business, one of my favorite parts of the job is finding the “out of the ordinary” story that wraps up the bottom of the email. Read More »»

Old Eagles will help Allentown show off new plumage

I'm 44. That's old. I know it. Read More »»

Nibble away: After outcry, Gibble’s snacks to return to a grocery near you

A happy ending to a sad snack food story should also mean an end to a record-breaking comment thread. Read More »»

Yes, thank you, we ARE awesome: Lehigh Valley getting national nods

Next time you walk out of your office, look up and wave because the world is watching. Read More »»

Saving Tastykake from the snack food graveyard

Hey Tastykake! I think I know how to save your brand. Read More »»

Free pizza costing Chevron its public image

There's a country song from the 1980s: “You say it best when you say nothing at all.” Read More »»

Snow rest for the weary: Working from home on a wintry day

Here we go again. Another day, another snowpocalypse. Read More »»

Will Pennsylvania legalize marijuana? The bad spellers say 'Yes!'

It has come to my attention recently that the majority of marijuana legalization supporters are not good spellers. Read More »»

With lack of jet packs, Best Buy stock tumbles

This year under the Christmas tree, my husband truly surprised me. Really he did. Read More »»

To open or not to open –THAT is the question on snowy work days

Monday morning I awoke with a panic. The sound of the wind blowing outside was a roar worse than I've heard in a long time. After freezing temperatures and heavy snow in recent days, I envisioned the worst – heavy snow and blowing winds and freezing temperatures keeping me from getting into the office safely. Read More »»

Geese can be good for you: How to turn negatives into positives

Several years ago, when Mayfair was still held at Cedar Beach, the staff came up with the idea to make the Canada goose the mascot for the annual arts festival. Read More »»

Are you gifted at corporate giving?

Thank you, Klunk & Millan. We just received a box of chocolate-covered pretzels from you and they look tasty. Read More »»

’Tis the season to be violating your office computer policy?

It’s the December crunch. Time to get in the last sales of the year, clear out inventory or finalize next year’s budget and make sure everyone’s health care plans are in order for 2014. Read More »»

Droning on about new delivery technology

Delivery drones? Could they be a thing of the future? Read More »»

How to keep from becoming ‘The Walking Dead’ in the workplace

We, as humans, weren’t meant to be cubicle dwellers. Our bodies simply weren’t designed for sitting for eight straight hours typing away at a computer. Therefore we quickly get tired and need a pick-me-up, or two – or three – to keep from becoming office zombies. Read More »»

'Selfie' is not a bad word for the social media savvy

Kids, the word for today is “selfie.” Read More »»

Pets at work: Can your cat help you win the rat race?

This past weekend, the dog I've been fostering for nearly three months got adopted. While I miss the little schnook something awful, I'm very happy to know she found a great forever home with someone who intends to spoil her rotten. Read More »»

Synergize your communication platform by dropping the darn jargon

This blog is going to be a real game changer. It's going to maximize our synergies to bolster the bottom line between our vertical business silos. Read More »»

How much is that doggie in the wrong window? – Avoiding bad assumptions in business

You know the saying – about what you make “you” and “me” when you “assume.” Read More »»

What's your Beef-a-Roni? – battling over office kitchen etiquette

While the bathroom is generally considered to be the most dangerous room in the home, there's little doubt that the most dangerous room in the workplace is the kitchen. Read More »»

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Construction & Real Estate 2014

Construction & Real Estate 2014
Our 24-page special supplement examines the construction and real estate scene in the Greater Lehigh Valley, including a cover story on Easton's surprising comeback. Other stories include a look at growth in Quakertown, how the construction trade is recruiting and training its next generation, commercial real estate and, in Berks County and Lehigh Valley, how home sales are positioned to flourish.

Berks County Business Report

Berks County Business Report
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Business Profiles 2014
This once-a-year special supplement allows our advertisers and our readers to find out more about the companies that help the Greater Lehigh Valley business community continue to grow. The profiles are a unique opportunity to tell the behind-the-scenes stories that have made these Greater Lehigh Valley businesses so successful.

Two City Center 2014

Two City Center 2014
Our 16-page special supplement salutes the opening of Two City Center in Downtown Allentown, the first of what is expected to be hundreds of millions of dollars in new development in the heart of the city.

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