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Grin and teddy bear it: Bon-Ton seeks to re-create FAO Schwarz holiday magic

When I was a young girl, during the holiday season department stores would seem like magical places.

Dehydration can hit office workers’ performance just like athletes’

I’m sitting at my desk. It’s late afternoon and I’m drowsy. I even have a bit of a headache.

It’s Dallas Sucks vs. Eagle Tears in football-themed beer war

If there’s one thing that sports fans have always been able to agree on, no matter what team they were rooting for, is that they all love to enjoy a nice cold beer during the game.

Easton venue betting on bands to attract fickle nightlife crowds

Yesterday, when I was young – let's call it the early- to mid-90s, the Lehigh Valley had a pretty hot live music scene.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: Lehigh Valley redevelopment projects keep bringing home trophies

With all of the urban renewal projects going on in the Lehigh Valley from downtown Allentown's City Center to Bethlehem's SteelStacks campus, sometimes it seems like it's another day, another award.

Alt-left or alt-right, your boss has the full right to fire protesters

Some of those participating at what has been described as an “alt-right” rally-turned violent in Charlottesville, Va., this weekend returned to their day jobs on Monday to find they were no longer employed.

HOLY CARP! You can now buy a coffin for your goldfish

People love their pets. There's no doubt about it.

Voice-order groceries with Peapod's new Alexa service

Cat de Merode, vice president of product for Peapod – an online grocery delivery service – paints a picture.

Even philosophers’ jobs aren’t safe from the robots

Humanity, you better start getting your retirement plans in order. The robots really are taking over.

Beer a big business in Pa., just not bigger

If you’re looking to stimulate the local economy – and are over 21 – you can make a pretty big impact one gulp at a time.

'Winter is coming' – but road work woes are here now

Spring is in the air. That means warmer weather, green trees and flowers blooming everywhere.

Pocono Mountains new tourism chief talks tech and trends

The Pocono Mountains are a popular place to visit.

Cats make terrible co-workers: Why home office life has highs and lows

With today's technology, it's easier than ever to work from home. Just about anything you'd need to work at your company's office can now be accessed through the cloud, and even phone calls can be rerouted to your mobile phone.

Keeping your 'cool' on the job is tough, but important

Everyone has a bad day now and again. And anyone who has ever had a job has probably walked into a situation where their confidence was at rock bottom.

All boxed up! Subscription services bring fun to fans

People like surprises. They also like getting mail. Trying new things also can be a lot of fun. Those are the main reasons I suspect curated subscription boxes are such a hot commodity.

Super Bowl LI “the day after” – how offices can have fun without the fallout

Did you show up for work this morning with a bit of a hangover?

Girl Scouts learn to make sales out of ‘Lemonades” during annual cookie drive

There’s a box of Girl Scout cookies in my office kitchen. Normally, I avoid sweets, but I couldn’t resist the hard-sales tactics of the Girl Scout who had a table set up Saturday night inside a restaurant.

Save Our Stomachs: Simple tips can stop spread of viruses at work

Thank you to the woman I just saw use the bathroom without washing her hands. She just waltzed out the door without even glancing at the sink as if the notion of washing up hadn’t even crossed her mind.

Every workplace holiday-parties in its own special way

Ever go to a “wild” office holiday party? One where somehow everyone knows Monday morning that you had been wearing Christmas tree underwear to the party that night?

Points by the pound: Allentown begins recycling rewards program

Everyone knows that when it comes to the environment, it pays to recycle – and now in Allentown, it actually does pay to recycle.