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Writer and online editor Stacy Wescoe has her finger on the pulse of the business community in the Greater Lehigh Valley and keeps you up-to-date with what coworkers and competitors are talking about around the water cooler — and on social media

Comic's tragedy calls for better oversight in trucking industry

This past weekend, comic Tracy Morgan and a fellow comic were critically injured while a third was killed in a crash in New Jersey. The truck driver charged with caused the crash admitted he had dozed off at the wheel after more than 24 hours of driving without sleep. Read More »»

Student junk rakes in big bucks at Lehigh sale

Want to know how to make $16,000 really quickly? Sell all of the unwanted items left over after Lehigh University students go home for the summer. Read More »»

Same-sex marriage ruling already generating business for Pa. wedding vendors

That didn't take long. Read More »»

What to do when good complaints go bad

If your job entails working with the public at all, you’ve encountered a complaint or two. Read More »»

Staff's determination 'lights' up tech event

I believe it was at the Ben Franklin Tech Partners I Xchange three years ago when I saw just about the coolest-ever centerpiece. Read More »»

No teenage wasteland at Musikfest as students plan performances

I remember being 14. It was a year or two ago, I think. Read More »»

In reputation management, the hashtag can be mightier than the sword

In business it doesn't matter what you sell – widgets, doo-hickeys or some sort of service. All businesses are selling one thing in common – their reputation. Read More »»

Can I see Google Glass in my future?

I’m a tech geek. No doubt about it. Read More »»

Cat tiled into bathroom floor makes fodder for news feeds

In my job compiling the daily newsletter for Lehigh Valley Business, one of my favorite parts of the job is finding the “out of the ordinary” story that wraps up the bottom of the email. Read More »»

Old Eagles will help Allentown show off new plumage

I'm 44. That's old. I know it. Read More »»

Nibble away: After outcry, Gibble’s snacks to return to a grocery near you

A happy ending to a sad snack food story should also mean an end to a record-breaking comment thread. Read More »»

Yes, thank you, we ARE awesome: Lehigh Valley getting national nods

Next time you walk out of your office, look up and wave because the world is watching. Read More »»

Saving Tastykake from the snack food graveyard

Hey Tastykake! I think I know how to save your brand. Read More »»

Free pizza costing Chevron its public image

There's a country song from the 1980s: “You say it best when you say nothing at all.” Read More »»

Snow rest for the weary: Working from home on a wintry day

Here we go again. Another day, another snowpocalypse. Read More »»

Will Pennsylvania legalize marijuana? The bad spellers say 'Yes!'

It has come to my attention recently that the majority of marijuana legalization supporters are not good spellers. Read More »»

With lack of jet packs, Best Buy stock tumbles

This year under the Christmas tree, my husband truly surprised me. Really he did. Read More »»

To open or not to open –THAT is the question on snowy work days

Monday morning I awoke with a panic. The sound of the wind blowing outside was a roar worse than I've heard in a long time. After freezing temperatures and heavy snow in recent days, I envisioned the worst – heavy snow and blowing winds and freezing temperatures keeping me from getting into the office safely. Read More »»

Geese can be good for you: How to turn negatives into positives

Several years ago, when Mayfair was still held at Cedar Beach, the staff came up with the idea to make the Canada goose the mascot for the annual arts festival. Read More »»

Are you gifted at corporate giving?

Thank you, Klunk & Millan. We just received a box of chocolate-covered pretzels from you and they look tasty. Read More »»

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