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Real estate madness: Isn’t there one decent house available for sale out there?

The real estate market is making me appreciate that certain charm my home has more and more each day.

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CHARGE IT: With multiple mobile devices, people are always looking for a place to plug in

At school in the 1970s, they'd ask us to dream of our future. What would life be like in the year 2000?

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A bad review for bad reviewers

I'm kind of pulling out my hair trying to plan my annual summer vacation, as I've been combing vacation review sites, such as TripAdvisor.com, for ideas on the perfect destination for my husband and me.

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A-Treat on tap: Company hopes fountain-style soda will stir taste buds, creativity

If A-Treat soda was ever available fountain-style, Luke Jaindl, general manager of the soda brand, said he doesn’t recall.

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A little creativity and a lot of sugar going into Easter Peeps prank

Spoiler alert: If Easter just happens to fall on April Fools' Day – and the local manufacturer of one of the nation's most iconic Easter candies announces it's hired a fiction character as its new “creative director” – it...

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Finding fun at failure with belly-up business ideas

Ever have a really bad idea? One that failed so badly it was epic in scale?

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Shopping drunk? Americans blew over $30B while intoxicated last year

$30.43 billion – that's the amount that comparison shopping website Finder.com estimates Americans spent last year shopping while drunk.

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Olympians should get by on hard work and talent, not technicalities

A small scandal has developed in this year’s Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

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