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Philly's greatest rivalries

The buzz is back in Philly sports, thanks mostly to the Eagles and Sixers.

Current rankings

Just because I can, here are my current rankings, noting that they can change at any moment:

When you have a bad case of the Sunday nights

It's been said that August is the Sunday night of the summer, which is a terrible disservice to August.

Humor in the workplace

It's been said that laughter is the best medicine. (Frankly, for me, just give me the damn drugs and get out of the way.)

This is not a must-win for Penn State

The convenient thing about college football is that if you lose early enough in the season, you can come back and win a conference title and earn a trip to the playoffs.

The vibrance of Vermont

Three decades ago, one of my brothers returned from a Vermont vacation and said he loved it.

Meeting sadness: Or how to fill your day getting nothing done

Having last ripped into the concept of incessant meetings about a year ago, it’s time to do it again.

Don't worry, be supremely happy

Author Travis Bradberry of California says we're always chasing something – such as a promotion, new car or significant other.

A new dynasty is taking shape in Philadelphia

Mercifully, another losing season for the Phillies is about to end – but there is hope for next year.

An ode to playground basketball

There’s no better recreational game than pickup basketball or playground hoops.

Eagles could be regal

Two certainties about the National Football League:

McGregor won't kick any butt – but he'll get a lot richer

What would possess Conor McGregor to fight undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

The best phrases in sports

We're about to hit one of the best times of the year for sports.

More Surfer Stoppers: Movies that compel you to watch until the end

Godfather I and II. Ocean's Eleven. Shawshank.

Sooner or most likely later, football will be banned

No one ever accused John Urschel of being stupid.

To be shore ... the 10 best things about the beach

The top 10 best things about the beach and summer:

The best all-star pitcher there ever was

It's National Simplicity Day, so here's some clutter:

Idaho is No. 1 and we're No. 42

Idaho is No. 1 and New York is No. 50.

In search of a few good ideas?

Few industries are more imperiled economically than journalism. Americans want their news and information to be free, and that's not a good business formula for the media.

The case for LaVar Ball

He’s crazy. He’s delusional. He’s a helicopter parent spiraling out of control.

And he shall be LeBron

Normally, four beats three. As in, four basketball all-stars should whip three basketball all-stars.

Do not do these things your first day on the job

Cheryl Hyatt, an executive-search consultant based in western Pennsylvania, advises people on their first day on the job not to be late, not to talk about their pay and not to engage in gossip.

Happiness matters

If work is a happy place for you, then more than likely you work for a small business.

Old-school beers: Ballantine, Schaefer and Schmidt's of Philadelphia

An enjoyable encounter recently with Pabst Blue Ribbon – and that is not an oxymoron – tapped memories of beers from decades ago.

NFL Draft in Philly: Guessing they'll never show even one image from inside the art museum

Thoughts about the three-day National Football League draft, which begins tonight in Philadelphia at the city's Museum of Art:

An opportunity for United Airlines

Apparently, “Fly the Friendly Skies” only refers to when you're actually in the air.

Bet your home on these predictions

Just because ... our annual baseball forecast.

Handicapping which Crayola color will be sacked

On Friday – National Crayon Day – Crayola will announce a color that it will retire from production. It will be one of the colors in its basic 24-pack of crayons.

Soda tax gouges consumers and in turn gouges retailers, workers

One of the most outrageous money grabs in recent American government history occurred in Philadelphia last year when the politicians there passed a tax on soda.

Philly college hoops in turmoil

​​​​​Masked by Villanova's 2016 national championship and top seed in this year's NCAA Tournament is the demise of college basketball in Philadelphia.

Check your cellphone at the door

How far do you travel from home before you no longer turn back to retrieve your cellphone?

What? Video games, TV, texting not bad for teens

A long, complex report on the effects of screen time on youth was released in January.

How genuine are you?

Not sure if being genuine is linked to business success, but it's a valuable trait to have.

Football is soon over. Then what?!?

Life-as-football-fans-enjoy-it ends at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday, by when the Super Bowl should be over. (Prediction – Go with Hoodie and the Patriots, 27-24.)

Off-kilter Super Bowl odds

The Patriots are favored by three points to beat the Falcons, but there are many other, shall we say, different bets on the Super Bowl.

Blame lazy readers for the spread of fake news

Fake news, the issue du jour, doesn't have to be if people would read beyond the headline.

Brainstorming 101

No idea is a bad idea. We've all heard that adage.

So -- you want to be a manager

Ever have an altruistic desire to lead or guide a nonprofit?

10 New Year's resolutions to possibly be a better worker in 2017

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, here are 10 New Year's resolutions for 2017:

Bing, Nat King Cole, Elvis and Frank: the all-time favorite Christmas songs

It's the most wonderful time of the year - for family, for friendships, for faith.

Whipping this holiday shipping thing

Whether shipping for business or pleasure, it’s the busiest time of the year for sending packages.

Send Christmas cards to help your career and the post office

If your family mails dozens or even hundreds of Christmas or holiday greeting cards every year, it's wise to send even more.