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Marketing customized to the individual?

A principal premise of the George Orwell novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” is that citizens in the year 1984 will be under constant surveillance by the government/authorities.

Three years later: A monster in jail and misconceptions remain

Penn State students and fans Saturday showed support for late coach Joe Paterno with a “Joe-Out” – wearing clothing or displaying images of the Hall of Famer at the Nittany Lions' football game.

It's not always about the money

Several small-market teams with below-average player salaries – such as Milwaukee, Kansas City, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Baltimore – have strong-to-decent chances of making the playoffs in Major League Baseball.

Guess Google's original name – and no Googling!

Google was the 1990s brainchild of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who met at Stanford. Two decades later, Google is the world's leading search engine for the Internet.

Just what does za mean? Or qi? Or jo?

In the interests of not feeling guilty when you make obscure but point-gobbling plays in “Words With Friends,” we offer to you a dictionary.

Supply and demand in its primal form

Decades ago, several future successful businesspeople cut their teeth on the laws of supply and demand by scalping tickets at football games. (Scalping, at the time, was not illegal in this municipality.)

Amazon and the Eagles and Jony Ive (who?)

Amazon is forecasting third-quarter losses of $410 million to $810 million.

Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and, yes, TV star Susan Anton

Every summer during the heart of auto racing season, I think of the several years that I covered NASCAR and Indy car races as a sportswriter in the late 1980s.

The delectable baker's dozen

An office mate this week brought to work a basket of candy. Included was Pez – the all-time greatest candy in the history of this or any other galaxy.

Invest now, reap later – hopefully

The Philadelphia 76ers' new strategy of drafting players for the long term while absorbing losses for a couple of years is similar to a plan for a business startup or a new retail shop.

Boomerang kids: When will they fly the nest?

One in five people in his or her 20s and early 30s is living with his or her parents, according to a New York Times Magazine article.

Money: It's why barbaric sports won't be banned

A couple of decades ago in another career, I wrote an editorial saying that one could make a good case for banning football.

Consumers still want something for nothing

It's no surprise: People prefer watching videos for free.

Ranking the holidays: Memorial Day is No. 2

The meaning of Memorial Day escapes many Americans.

7.6 million hoagies a day

About three decades ago, I was introduced to my first Subway restaurant in upstate New York, likely in Binghamton.

The myth of commuting, driving times

Recently in Atlantic City, we were advised by a local that a particular casino was a 10-minute walk on the Boardwalk.

Real life and work advice for our latest class of graduates

Several million new high school and college graduates this spring will listen to commencement speeches full of guidance.

The concept of forced savings

Recently, a tax refund check arrived in the mail in the amount of $1.

Don't worry, be happy

Some of us remember the Bobby McFerrin song released in 1988 called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Dandy Don Draper: Nuggets of business gems from TV's advertising genius

The recipe for the wildly successful “Mad Men” television series includes 1960s nostalgia and Madison Avenue decadence of drinking, drugs, wealth, power and adultery.

Bowled over: $36M for a piece of porcelain

There are collectibles and then there are collectibles.

McDonald's might streamline its menu

“Four burgers and four fries,” my buddy ordered from the neighborhood McDonald's about four decades ago.

Poconos eyes Valley meeting-business

They see the growth in the Lehigh Valley. And they want its business.

Meet the Surfer Stoppers: The movies you are compelled to watch on TV

Support your local movie theater and patronize your local restaurants, taverns and shops.

Basketball and business

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, known as March Madness, becomes March Gladness for business.

Generation C: Know it, understand it, sell to it

Meet Generation C – the generation that could hold the key to the success of your business.

Lunch business tramples 'rights' of breakfast diners at McDonald's

Ever have a hankering for a McDonald's Egg McMuffin for lunch?

Passwords gone wild – and a possible remedy

Users and investors are keen on Google, which rakes in more than $1 million in revenue every 10 minutes.

The volatile business of love

Florists always put the “petal” to the metal for Valentine's Day.

Ranking the months from best to worst; February, of course, is last

IF SOMEONE can successfully argue that February has even one iota of redeeming value, then I'm all ears.

Unhealthy precedent in New York

Govern-mint: All it does is print money and put us further in debt.

Youth would flock to a Facebook alternative

At the crossroads of narcissism and voyeurism you will find Facebook.

James Franklin -- a CEO

James Franklin last week became probably the highest paid public official in Pennsylvania when he was named the new head football coach at Penn State.

How to run a productive -- and fast-moving -- meeting

Few things at work are better than the cancellation of a meeting.

America needs a drill pill

Years ago at Disney's Epcot theme park in Orlando, Fla., I fell asleep on the ride at the Universe of Energy.

Jan. 1, March 12, Aug. 14, Oct. 23 – every day is one of opportunity

“That ship has sailed,” I said years ago to a colleague while lamenting about a missed opportunity.

For the millionaire who has everything …

Shot glasses in the shape of the space shuttle. $29,278.

Changes in store for Super Bowl at New Jersey sports complex

Tighter security. Reduced parking capacity. No tailgating on game day.

Surviving the holidays

Parties. Shopping. Family visits.

JFK was pro-business

Many Baby Boomers have wondered what kind of America we would have today had U.S. President John F. Kennedy not been assassinated 50 years ago this week.

Bitcoin: Hot, hot, hot -- apparently

The bitcoin – a form of digital currency – is surging in value.

Philly newspaper fight: Meanwhile, who is watching the store?

A delicious fight for control of Philadelphia’s newspapers is in court, and it involves two of its owners: Lewis Katz and George Norcross.

The lowest gasoline prices in the nation

Falling gasoline prices are like found money -- you never count on it happening.

Still waiting for a fuel and energy solution

Perhaps as much as anything, the price of fuel and energy – particularly oil – has driven up costs for businesses. For decades, American has been held hostage to the whims of the oil-exporting nations and to the effects of natural...

As the Eagles go, so goes the workforce?

A caller to a sports talk radio show a couple of Mondays ago said he arrived at work early – happy and energized because the Philadelphia Eagles had won the day before to move into first place.

Lower Medicare age to 62 to spark the economy?

I've long held this theory that to stimulate the economy, the government should lower the age of Medicare eligibility to 62.

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