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One invention they had better get right

There’s been plenty of publicity lately for driverless cars. But I can’t imagine that the government will approve them for public roads for at least a decade.

Eagles as division champions?

As most fans know, the NFC East is about as special as a dry hamburger on a stale bun.

Summer ends, football begins, how will Penn State fare?

Summer unofficially ends after this Labor Day weekend, but the loss is mitigated by the return of football – specifically Penn State football.

The end of incessant, boring meetings?

Only 41 percent of items on a to-do list are done, says entrepreneur and author Kevin Kruse.

Top 10 tips for hosting a fantasy football draft party

Some advice for hosting a fantasy football draft party at your house. As for actually drafting a team, you're on your own.

More riots, more pizza deliveries?

There are business opportunities and then there are surreal business opportunities.

When you're smiling ...

Consistent. Genuine. Strong first impression.

All he did was coach great defenses; meanwhile, a former doper gets into the dope business

Legendary defensive coach Buddy Ryan, who died today, never won a playoff game as a head coach.

The Answer is the answer

The question: Who is the best little-guy in the history of basketball?

The best things about summer

Most people define the beginning of summer as the Memorial Day Weekend.

No longer cracked in Philly?

The Phillies are winning, the Sixers won the top draft pick, the Flyers made the playoffs and the Eagles have a new coach and possible franchise quarterback.

'Your call wait time is less than two hours'

“Hello. I have to put you on hold. Sorry.”

12 traits of truly confident people

-- They listen more than they speak.

Lehigh Valley Business moving to new office in same building

It's been a busy third of the year for Lehigh Valley Business, which is being sold, along with its parent company, to GateHouse Media of Pittsford, N.Y.

WE CAN DREAM: Philly's best pro sports seasons

Philadelphia and much of southeastern Pennsylvania rallied behind Villanova as it surprisingly claimed the NCAA basketball championship this month.

The second-best time of the year for a sports fan

NCAA basketball playoffs (with the inimitable Charles Barkley).

Time to outlaw football?

A quarter-century ago, yours truly wrote an editorial for a daily newspaper about how one could make a good case to outlaw the sport of football.

4,331 emails and counting

“Hi and thank you for your email.

Where's my NCAA bracket?

If the Super Bowl were held on a Monday afternoon, very little work would get done in America's offices, factories and other workplaces – restaurants and bars excluded, of course.

National security vs. the right of privacy

Never been a fan of obtrusive government and always have been a fan of privacy rights.

Strange but probably not true Super Bowl bets this weekend

Just in from Vegas: The odds on Super Bowl prop bets that you might not have heard about:

Of love and money

Money and love.

Winter survival guide: Think summer

With the year's first big snowstorm on its way, here are 10 ways to survive winter:

How to look like a million bucks

There's a scene in “Office Space,” one of the greatest-ever movies, in which Lawrence, played by Diedrich Bader, says something to the effect:

The 12 best things about the holidays

Except for the celebration of faith, these are the best things about the holiday season:

Little known but with a big idea and bigger heart

Most everyone knows of big-name entrepreneurs-turned-philanthropists such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

A time to give

“You will never go hungry when you feed others. Have a heart that helps, a soul that is selfless and the vision to see the beauty in everyone.”

Just like that, the savior could be gone

Penn State fans, tip your cap to Christian Hackenberg.

The greatest commissioners of them all

A former colleague and journalist recently was elected a commissioner in Lehigh County. In honor of that, here's a list of the all-time greatest commissioners:

What business people can learn from Pete Rose

The signature moment of the great baseball career of Pete Rose occurred in the 1970 All-Star Game when he plowed over catcher Ray Fosse to score the game-winning run for the National League.

Avoid these careers

Mail carrier. Meter reader. Farmer. Newspaper reporter.

Manufacturing in Pennsylvania -- and a Penn State win

The Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers & Employers Association produced a neat video about the importance of manufacturing.

The best things about autumn

Blue skies. Spectacular weather with no humidity and temperatures that are just right.

Hug a manufacturer today

Do you think much about manufacturing?

Can Pope Francis save the Eagles?

Pope Francis is a people's pope, and yours truly – a Roman Catholic – is a believer in him and in the church.