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A journalist with more than three decades of experience across many disciplines -- including writing, editing, design, print and online -- Kline is a proud alumnus of Penn State University. When not at work, he can be found walking, golfing, cooking, watching sports and attempting to do yardwork. Follow Bill on Twitter, @NJIBZ, or email him here.

Strange but probably not true Super Bowl bets this weekend

By February 5, 2016 01:43 PM

Just in from Vegas: The odds on Super Bowl prop bets that you might not have heard about: CONTINUE READING

Of love and money

January 29, 2016 12:02 PM

Money and love. CONTINUE READING

Winter survival guide: Think summer

January 20, 2016 04:05 PM

With the year's first big snowstorm on its way, here are 10 ways to survive winter: CONTINUE READING


How to look like a million bucks

January 8, 2016 03:02 PM

There's a scene in “Office Space,” one of the greatest-ever movies, in which Lawrence, played by Diedrich Bader, says something to the effect: CONTINUE READING

The 12 best things about the holidays

December 22, 2015 08:34 AM

Except for the celebration of faith, these are the best things about the holiday season: CONTINUE READING

Little known but with a big idea and bigger heart

December 11, 2015 01:37 PM

Most everyone knows of big-name entrepreneurs-turned-philanthropists such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. CONTINUE READING

A time to give

November 25, 2015 08:52 AM

“You will never go hungry when you feed others. Have a heart that helps, a soul that is selfless and the vision to see the beauty in everyone.” CONTINUE READING

Just like that, the savior could be gone

November 19, 2015 01:54 PM

Penn State fans, tip your cap to Christian Hackenberg. CONTINUE READING

The greatest commissioners of them all

November 11, 2015 01:46 PM

A former colleague and journalist recently was elected a commissioner in Lehigh County. In honor of that, here's a list of the all-time greatest commissioners: CONTINUE READING

What business people can learn from Pete Rose

November 2, 2015 10:08 AM

The signature moment of the great baseball career of Pete Rose occurred in the 1970 All-Star Game when he plowed over catcher Ray Fosse to score the game-winning run for the National League. CONTINUE READING

Avoid these careers

October 29, 2015 01:40 PM

Mail carrier. Meter reader. Farmer. Newspaper reporter. CONTINUE READING

More than just a dump

By May 12, 2016 04:29 PM

When people think of landfills, one of the things that always rises to the top... CONTINUE READING

A secret gem at ArtsQuest

By April 25, 2016 09:38 AM

While the ArtsQuest campus in Bethlehem is most widely known for its music... CONTINUE READING

Applebee’s wants you to ‘smell what they’re cookin’ with $75M investment in new grill-menu

By May 17, 2016 04:12 PM

About two years ago, I wrote a blog about the disappointing state of... CONTINUE READING

No longer cracked in Philly?

By May 18, 2016 12:03 PM

The Phillies are winning, the Sixers won the top draft pick, the Flyers made... CONTINUE READING

A century-old best friend

By March 30, 2016 10:08 AM

Who could have predicted that a simple rag doll with red-yarn hair, a... CONTINUE READING

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By May 12, 2016 04:41 PM

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