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Editor at Large with Bill Kline

Bill Kline

About Bill Kline

Bill Kline is a journalist and Penn State alumnus with more than three decades of experience across many disciplines -- including writing, editing, design, print and online. When not at work, he can be found walking, golfing, cooking, watching sports and attempting to do yardwork. He blogs on life, news, business, sports, pop culture, Eastern Pennsylvania and more. Follow Bill on Twitter, or email him here

Big year for Penn State

Penn State opens Saturday as a big favorite against visiting Appalachian State, which stunned Michigan 11 years ago on the road.

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Make your life matter

Every August, people wonder what happened to summer.

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The top 10 inventions to help commuters

Having driven an estimated 360,000 miles the past two decades while commuting to work, I’ve got a passion for things to help commuter motorists.

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Celebrity pays

Four Pennsylvanians make the top 50 in Forbes' annual ranking of world celebrities who earned the most money over the past 12 months.

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To kill a video

Is the value of online video overrated?

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The best things about July

Several years ago, I rated June as the best month, followed by July.

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Git 'er done – as in do your job and have pride in doing it

LinkedIn features many posts from motivational, inspirational and change-management speakers, coaches, trainers, consultants and authors – all trying to make a living.

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A true sportsman passes on

A gentleman and a Hall of Famer died last week – Walter Bahr.

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Enjoy the longest day of the year

Today, June 21, might be the best non-holiday-related day of the year.

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Let's get physical – just don't go up against the hammers from Boston

Decades ago, several Penn State students approached the authorities on campus and asked to use one of the university's gyms for a proposed street hockey league.

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