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Editor at Large with Bill Kline

Bill Kline

About Bill Kline

Bill Kline is a journalist and Penn State alumnus with more than three decades of experience across many disciplines -- including writing, editing, design, print and online. When not at work, he can be found walking, golfing, cooking, watching sports and attempting to do yardwork. He blogs on life, news, business, sports, pop culture, Eastern Pennsylvania and more. Follow Bill on Twitter, or email him here

To be shore ...

The top 10 best things about the beach and summer:

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The best all-star pitcher there ever was

It's National Simplicity Day, so here's some clutter:

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Idaho is No. 1 and we're No. 42

Idaho is No. 1 and New York is No. 50.

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In search of a few good ideas?

Few industries are more imperiled economically than journalism. Americans want their news and information to be free, and that's not a good business formula for the media.

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The case for LaVar Ball

He’s crazy. He’s delusional. He’s a helicopter parent spiraling out of control.

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And he shall be LeBron

Normally, four beats three. As in, four basketball all-stars should whip three basketball all-stars.

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Do not do these things your first day on the job

Cheryl Hyatt, an executive-search consultant based in western Pennsylvania, advises people on their first day on the job not to be late, not to talk about their pay and not to engage in gossip.

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Happiness matters

If work is a happy place for you, then more than likely you work for a small business.

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Old-school beers: Ballantine, Schaefer and Schmidt's of Philadelphia

An enjoyable encounter recently with Pabst Blue Ribbon – and that is not an oxymoron – tapped memories of beers from decades ago.

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NFL Draft in Philly: Guessing they'll never show even one image from inside the art museum

Thoughts about the three-day National Football League draft, which begins tonight in Philadelphia at the city's Museum of Art:

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