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Can You Dig It Archive Page 2

Emmaus manufacturer plays big role in Kalahari Resorts construction

With hundreds of new hotel rooms, thousands of square feet in new entertainment space and an expansion of an already massive indoor waterpark, Kalahari Resorts and Conventions phase two is an impressive investment.

Fueling productivity, from the outside in

More and more, I appreciate the outdoors. This is especially true as the days get darker and the opportunities for getting that natural daylight drop faster than the leaves from the trees.

From out of the rubble … a fast moving economy of industrial growth

It seems like every week, if not almost every day, I’m writing about a new warehouse going up or tenant moving into a distribution center in the Lehigh Valley.

Networking outside the norm

While most networking groups tend to fall into the same routine by hosting the event in the same place at the same time each month, often attracting the same people month after month, there is one group that likes to shake up things.

More than just a dump

When people think of landfills, one of the things that always rises to the top of their minds is location.

Building a bright future

With a much-talked about construction worker shortage, it's nice to see the younger generation showing interest in the field.

Funds for facade improvements for businesses

As a small-business owner, the appearance of your business, from the outside, speaks volumes.

The divergence of rising rents and the minimum wage

$18.69 per hour.That's the minimum amount of what a worker would have to be paid in order to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Lehigh and Northampton counties at fair-market rent.

Despite more hiring and investment, is economic pessimism on the rise?

Despite continued strength in business fundamentals, economic pessimism is on the rise among middle-market companies. In rating the state of the U.S. economy compared to six months ago, a majority of these companies still sees a downshift.

Here’s to an industry that offers a well-lit place and high pay

A clean, well-lit workplace and a high-paying job to boot. Plus, no college debt?

A car show with a cause

About every three minutes, somebody in the United States is diagnosed with a blood cancer.

Prime potential in Easton

While the possibility exists for high-end apartments with waterfront views to take the place of Heritage Lanes, a former bowling alley in downtown Easton, there is potential for something else.

How architecture shapes our spaces

When it comes to the buildings we occupy at work each day, usually we don’t think about how the design came to be. How it functions and the feelings of efficiency and productivity the buildings can either generate or deplete.