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Can You Dig It with Brian Pedersen

Brian Pedersen

About Brian Pedersen

Brian Pedersen writes about all kinds of issues related to construction. Though not a construction worker by trade, he loves to see how things are built and is fascinated by the art of digging in the dirt. Often you find him tromping through the dirt at sites for multi-story hospitals to baby-sized barns. He should have a hard hat with his name permanently etched on the back and a list of all the sites he´s visited and stories he´s written about them. But his head is just not that darn big.

Less really is more

Much as technology has changed the office environment in many ways the past few years, some things never change.

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Investing in innovation

By investing in early stage technology firms, organizations such as Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania play a vital role in helping manufacturing grow in the Greater Lehigh Valley.

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Who knew a grocery store could influence the value of your home?

An Aug. 10 article from The Portland Business Journal – “Trader Joe's or Whole Foods: Which is better for Portland home values?” – reveals that strong school districts, walkability and low crime are not the only attributes...

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Fighting hunger? It CAN be done

One organization is looking to build awareness of hunger by providing opportunities for businesses and people to display their artistic design and construction skills.

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Redefining a sense of place for downtown Allentown

The redevelopment of Allentown continues with the frequency of new proposed office buildings showing no slowdown.

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Is your building a bird killer?

A professor from Muhlenberg College called the new Minnesota Vikings football stadium under construction “a bird killer,” citing the glass-heavy fašade as one that will draw birds to an early grave once the massive structure is built.

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Raising awareness for a critical resource

Few of us ever think about the importance of a resource such as a specialized hospital until it’s needed. Particularly one that’s devoted to babies, children and teens.

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A chance to build some business

It's rare to find a free all-day expo that showcases the many facets of the construction trades in the Greater Lehigh Valley — from architects and engineers to contractors.

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Reaching for the sky … and beyond

Is the mile-high tower inevitable? Some people think so.

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