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  • HTML document shows limited information about all the qualified companies that submitted information for this project. Generally it is alphabetical, rather than ranked.
  • PDF document is a PDF of the list as it appeared in the paper.
  • Excel document is a spreadsheet or zip file of spreadsheets that contain information about all the qualified companies that submitted information. Select the Excel version to see the fields available with this project and the number of records. Note: Not all companies supplied information for all fields.
  • All data purchases are final. Data is nonreturnable and nonrefunadable.
  • Questions about using the database: Email lists@lvb.com.

LVB Lists: the best place for information about businesses in the Greater Lehigh Valley!

This format is best if:

  • You just want to view this list on a computer screen.
  • Don't need to print or sort data.
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This format is best if:

  • You want to print a list.
  • You want to view it as it appeared in print.
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There is a $45.00 charge to download this list in PDF format.

This format is best if:

  • You want to create mailing lists.
  • You want to sort data.
  • You want to merge with other lists.
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