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Business: McDonald's CEO to step down amid worst sales in decade

Source: International Business Times

McDonald's Corporation CEO Donald Thompson will step down at the end of February, the fast-food giant announced Wednesday, after the company suffered...

US: Jobless claims drop to a 15-year low

Source: USA Today

Initial claims for unemployment benefits fell last week, dropping to the lowest level since April 2000, the Labor Department said Thursday.

World: Malaysia declares flight disappearance an accident

Source: BBC News

The Malaysian government has officially declared the disappearance of Malaysian Airline flight MH370 an accident and says there were no survivors.

Out of the ordinary: Zombie or miracle, Florida cat claws his way back from the dead

Source: Reuters

TAMPA, Fla. (Reuters) - A cat in Florida is on the mend after clawing his way back from the dead, surfacing five days after he was hit by a car and...

Business: JPMorgan said to reap up to $300M amid Swiss turmoil

Source: Bloomberg

(Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s foreign-exchange traders reaped a gain of as much as $300 million after the Swiss central bank roiled...

US: Apple rich enough to pay everyone $556

Source: USA Today

Apple’s (AAPL) printing money hand over fist. You knew that. What you may not know that Apple has so much dough, it could afford to pay every...

World: Jordan makes pilot exchange offer to IS

Source: BBC News

Jordan says it is willing to hand over an Iraqi woman on death row in exchange for a Jordanian pilot being held by Islamic State (IS) militants.

Out of the ordinary: Boston snow inspires Yeti sightings

Source: The Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) — The monster storm in Boston has brought with it another monster — a yeti.

Business: Storm won't interrupt airlines' strong financial performance

Source: The Street

From Philadelphia on up, the Northeast corridor is largely without air service Tuesday, and carriers are generally not planning to resume outbound...

US: Police ask Google to disable cop tracking on Waze

Source: USA Today

For many commuters, the mobile navigation service Waze is a must-download app for your smartphone. However, police believe the app's ability to mark...

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