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Business: Microsoft readies Windows 10 update, answers critics

Source: The Associated Press

Microsoft has a birthday present for Windows 10 users: more capabilities for its Cortana digital assistant and new ways to ditch passwords.

Nation: July 4 weekend airport security to bulk up after Istanbul attacks

Source: Yahoo News

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Istanbul, travelers can expect longer than average wait times at airports throughout the United States this...

World: Istanbul airport attackers were Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz

Source: BBC News

Turkey believes IS was behind the suicide gun and bomb attack that left 43 people dead and more than 230 hurt.

Out of the ordinary: Snail slime causes crash on Autobahn

Source: UPI

PADERBORN, Germany, June 29 (UPI) -- A car crashed while traveling on the Autobahn in Germany after police say it slipped on slime produced by a...

Business: Coca-Cola may pull products from Vermont to comply with GMO law

Source: Bloomberg

(Bloomberg) -- Coca-Cola Co., the world’s largest soft-drink company, expects to pull some of its beverages from Vermont stores as the state...

Nation: California gets go-ahead to vote on legalization of marijuana

Source: Reuters

(Reuters) - Californians are set to decide whether to make recreational marijuana use legal, as other Western states have done, after the California...

World: Deaths rise in Istanbul airport attack

Source: BBC News

The death toll in a gun and suicide bomb attack on Istanbul's Ataturk airport has risen to 41, 13 of them foreign nationals, with 239 injured, the...

Out of the ordinary: Tokyo recruiters use mahjong to find prospects

Source: Reuters

Fifty Japanese graduates opted to gamble with their job prospects at a mahjong tournament set up by recruiters looking for a different way to find...

Business: World's top fortunes fall $196.2B since Brexit bombshell

Source: Bloomberg

Global markets erased another $69.2 billion from the combined net worth of the world’s 400 richest people Monday, bringing the total since the...

Nation: Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion access law

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN) In a dramatic ruling, the Supreme Court on Monday threw out a Texas abortion access law in a victory to supporters of abortion...

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