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News from Around the Globe

Business: Ford to double production in Mexico

Source: USA Today

Ford is planning to double its vehicle production in Mexico by 2018 as it builds a new plant and expands an existing plant, according to a report in...

Nation: Hackers publish contact info of 20,000 FBI employees

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)Hackers, making good on a threat, published contact information for 20,000 FBI employees Monday afternoon, just one day after posting...

World: German trains in deadly head-on crash

Source: BBC News

At least nine people were killed and scores more injured, police say, after two passenger trains collided in the German state of Bavaria.

Out of the ordinary: Big purr-motion for cat living at British train station

Source: UPI

HUDDERSFIELD, England, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- A mouse-catching cat at a British train station was awarded a "promotion" to management, complete with a...

Business: Verizon CEO confirms interest in buying Yahoo

Source: CNBC

Verizon Communications chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam spoke with Jim Cramer of CNBC's "Mad Money" on Friday, and confirmed the company is considering...

Nation: Florida's giant Powerball jackpot still unclaimed

Source: USA Today

MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. -- The excitement may have died down but the person who purchased a historic winning Powerball ticket in Melbourne Beach has...

World: 35 dead off Turkey as two migrant boats sink

Source: BBC News

Two boats on their way to Greece have capsized near Turkey, killing at least 35 migrants, Turkish media say.

Out of the ordinary: Scientists investigate possible meteorite death

Source: Reuters

CHENNAI (Reuters) - Indian scientists are investigating whether a man was killed by a meteorite, which if confirmed would be the first recorded death...

Business: U.S. banks targeted by activist investors on merger wave hopes

Source: Reuters

Activist investors are putting the U.S. banking sector in their crosshairs, betting that headwinds whipping through the industry will accelerate...

Nation: NFL cheerleaders scoring victories in labor lawsuits

Source: USA Today

SAN FRANCISCO — Not far from Super Bowl 50 festivities, NFL cheerleaders have inspired a battle cry.

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