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Business: AT&T turns on Wi-Fi Calling for iPhone users

Source: CNN Money

The Wi-Fi Calling feature enables your phone to automatically switch to a Wi-Fi connection for regular calls when cell signals are low or...

Nation: Suspect in custody after shooting at N. Arizona University leaves 1 dead

Source: USA Today

A suspect has been taken into custody at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff after a shooting early Friday that left one person dead and three...

World: China faces smoking death epidemic

Source: BBC News

A new study has warned that a third of all men currently under the age of 20 in China will eventually die prematurely if they do not give up smoking.

Out of the ordinary: Man named 'Something Long and Complicated' proves identity to Facebook

Source: UPI

LONDON, Oct. 7 (UPI) -- A British man whose legal name is Something Long and Complicated said Facebook suspended his account and refused to believe...

Business: Fiat Chrysler avoids strike with new tentative contract

Source: Associated Press

DETROIT (AP) -- Fiat Chrysler has avoided an expensive strike at its U.S. plants after reaching a tentative labor agreement with the United Auto...

Nation: Eastern Kentucky University cancels classes after threat on bathroom wall

Source: CNN

(CNN)Graffiti on a bathroom wall -- with the message "KILL ALL BY 10/8/15 THIS BU OOP" -- prompted officials at Eastern Kentucky University to shut...

World: EU considers faster deportations

Source: BBC News

Plans to speed up the deportation of failed asylum seekers are being discussed at a meeting of EU ministers in Luxembourg.

Out of the ordinary: 2,000 people form human peace sign for Lennon's birthday

Source: Reuters

New York - Hundreds of people gathered in New York's Central Park on Tuesday in an attempt to set a record for the largest human peace symbol to...

Business: Monsanto posts 4Q loss, to eliminate 2,600 jobs to cut costs

Source: The Associated Press

ST LOUIS (AP) -- Monsanto Co. says it will eliminate 2,600 employees as part of a cost-saving plan as it reported a loss for the fourth quarter amid...

Nation: Two missing as floodwaters persist in South Carolina

Source: Reuters

(Reuters) - Rescuers searched early Wednesday for two people missing in floodwaters in South Carolina, while authorities urged residents in hundreds...

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