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Git 'er done – as in do your job and have pride in doing it

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LinkedIn features many posts from motivational, inspirational and change-management speakers, coaches, trainers, consultants and authors – all trying to make a living.

Is it really that bad out here in the working world?

Here’s a thought: Just work your butt off.

You accepted the job, you’re getting paid to work and you’re cashing the paycheck, so work hard and do your damn job to the best of your ability.

Don’t do the bare minimum.

Don’t slog along, trying to "just get by."

Hell, surprise your colleagues sometime and go above and beyond.

Have some freaking pride. Take responsibility. Don’t make excuses.

Sure, it’s OK to have fun at work and to not always be go-go-go, which leads to burnout.

But be your best – if not every day, then most days.

Several years ago, several points in this blog addressed this same philosophy – to take ownership of your job and to work hard.

That blog was written as advice for young people just embarking on their professional journey.

But it's true that a good attitude and strong work ethic are needed for one’s entire career, not just at the start.

So, regardless of your standing, never assume anything and never get complacent.

Instead, step up and show the others how it’s done.

Be an example. Be a leader.

Be a man. Be a woman.

It’s your name and it’s your legacy.

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