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2018 Women of Influence: PHOTO GALLERY

Jane P. Long (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Jane P. Long (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba PC / ‘My mother taught me many things, but two of them that have been key influences in my career are ‘Nothing less than your best is ever acceptable’ and ‘You can be and do whatever you put your mind to.’ ’
Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba PC / ‘My mother taught me many things, but two of them that have been key influences in my career are ‘Nothing less than your best is ever acceptable’ and ‘You can be and do whatever you put your mind to.’ ’ United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley / ‘Be curious about everything. Get in there and figure out how it works, how to make it better, how to make it stronger and how to grow while doing it.’ Liquid Interactive / ‘It’s great to hear another young man or woman tell you that you’ve impacted them in some shape or form, wheth¬er it was a few minutes’ worth of career advice or a sum¬mer’s worth of professional experience.’ Coordinated Health / ‘Sometimes the right thing is not the easiest thing or the most pleasant thing, but the most appropriate thing. This very small action would lead into something very big.’ Fellowship Community / ‘I watched the nurses closely as they carried out their shift routines, making a difference in the lives of the patients, and I was determined that someday I would become a Registered Nurse.’ Young Medical Spa / ‘Stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone compromise your beliefs or integrity or your passion.’ ArtsQuest / ‘My mother’s dedication and love for her family and career taught me early on that doing things for others was so important to succeeding in life.’ Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania / ‘Surround yourself with positive, smart people and keep your energy level high. As you garner expertise, you need to trust yourself and plan for the future.’ Azzur Labs / ‘I learned the frailty of life and how quickly it can change. It is what I do during those changes that make me who I am.’ Penn State Lehigh Valley / ‘I’m most proud of giving a voice to women who many do not know about. It is a joy and honor to bring their words to life.’ PBS39 / ‘I find a great deal of comfort from family, friends, prayers and a puppy! I have also been blessed with having a number of spiritual leaders and friends who have been supportive during difficult times.’ Holmes Cunningham Engineering / ‘It was a huge risk to leave a comfortable career and decide to start something from scratch and learn all aspects of running and operating a business.’ Validus Holdings Ltd. / ‘I was shy and quiet. It was not until I continued to put myself in awkward situations where I had to open up that I developed a newfound respect for being in front of a crowd, something I enjoy completely now.’ Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network / ‘Be an active lis¬tener and keen observer in everything you do and continually seek out new challenges. Whether you succeed or fail, you will certainly learn from your experiences.’ PPL Electric Utilities / ‘My father has been my first and strongest influencer. He has always championed my ambitions and emphasized the need for planning, setting goals and maintaining high standards.’ Olympus Corp. of the Americas / ‘Never stop learning and never stop believing that you can do whatever you want. Even when it seems impossible and you don’t know how to make it, just keep moving forward.’ RKL LLP / ‘Running is my go-to activity to relieve stress. It helps me to patiently work through issues and develop practical solutions while logging in the miles.’ Good Life Companies / ‘Stay humble, learn from those around you and really strive to be the absolute best version of yourself each day.’ KingSpry / ‘My most important job will always be as mom to my daughters. They make me proud every day, the way they live bravely and out loud in the world – the way they pursue their dreams and goals.’ Health Network Laboratories / ‘My mother was a strong, independent woman who worked long and hard hours to make sure the family had what it needed. She was not a professional, but she had such a strong work ethic that I embraced.’ Aesculap Inc. / ‘The time I spend with my super-supportive husband and my children is what heals my soul. It is amazing how the stress just melts away when I’m in my tickle monster role.’ Gross McGinley LLP / ‘Life will not go exactly as you plan. There will be success¬es and challenges and failures. Each of these experiences will give you the opportunity to grow and learn.’ First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union / ‘My grandmothers – Sophie and Jackie – showed me at an early age how to be strong, fearless, passionate, nurturing and a little crazy sometimes.’ Success Rehabilitation Inc. / ‘Spending time with my family, especially my grandson Finnbar, reading, traveling and training for and par¬ticipating in triathlons are a few of the activities that I find refreshing and rejuvenating.’ OraSure Technologies Inc. / ‘I was fortu¬nate to have been raised by and around strong women, particularly my mother and sisters, as well as strong men, particularly my brother and uncle, who all encouraged me to pursue opportunities, leverage my talents and realize my full potential.’ ESSA Bank & Trust / ‘Believe in yourself and be the first one to raise your hand for new projects. Dress for success, be on time and develop solid time and organizational skills.’ Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. / ‘I have found myself many times the only female in a room, and often the youngest. While it may have been intimidating in the beginning, I realized, over time, if you are respectful, show interest in the subject matter while projecting knowledge and the desire to be a team player, you will be welcomed by any group.’ New Vitae Wellness and Recovery / ‘My greatest wish would be for people to come together to work toward a common goal of lifting up our families and local communities.’


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