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The overrated

Troy Aikman: A good announcer, but not a Hall of Fame quarterback.
Troy Aikman: A good announcer, but not a Hall of Fame quarterback. - (Photo / )

One in an occasional series identifying the most overrated things in life, including in entertainment, sports and popular culture.

-- Stephen Colbert – Smirking and staring at the television camera are not funny. Give him credit for his philanthropy and for being shrewd, be he is so over-the-top political that he belongs on MSNBC as an analyst, not the host of a general-interest talk show.

-- Troy Aikman the quarterback – Ever look at his stats? Didn’t think so. He had 165 touchdown passes and 141 interceptions, a poor ratio. Emmitt Smith and the Cowboys’ offensive line carried the team and Aikman, one of the most undeserving members of the Hall of Fame.

-- Breakfast – Despite what the experts say, many folks have done just fine, thank you, without their oatmeal and fruit in the morning.

-- Baseball’s batting average – The difference between a .250 hitter and a .300 hitter – considered the gold standard – is only one hit a week. Most every time, take a .250 hitter with 30 home runs over a .300 singles hitter.

-- Coffee – Sorry, folks. Never understood the appeal and definitely love that I never have to make coffee in the morning for the office, or clean the coffee maker or pot and ancillary mess at the end of the work day.

-- Video games – Never got into these, either. A colossal waste of time. (If I’m going to waste my time, which I do, I watch TV or do nothing. To be sure, doing nothing is highly underrated.)


-- Starbucks finds itself in quite a firestorm over having two black men arrested on a charge of loitering in Philadelphia. I’d say that I’m never again drinking coffee from Starbucks, but, as mentioned, I don’t drink coffee. I will still eat its overpriced brownies, though.

-- Saw a sign along the top of Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania for a small town called Mile Run that said: No gas. No food. No services. (Probably should have added: No internet. That place is so deep in the woods they have to pump in the daylight.)

-- Well, the Pulitzer winners were announced this week, and again I’m a loser. (One time, though, I won a Harvey Pulitzer – from the guy living down at Ninth and Main who gives out cigarettes and lollipops just for the hell of it.)

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