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2018 Lehigh Valley Business 40 Under 40

Cassaundra M. Amato
Cassaundra M. Amato
United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley/ 'My favorite part about living and working in the Lehigh Valley are the many festivals that happen throughout the year.'
United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley/ 'My favorite part about living and working in the Lehigh Valley are the many festivals that happen throughout the year.' Borton-Lawson/ 'If you take the time to strike up a conversation with somebody who has lived here for a while and just listen, you can learn some amazing things.' Electronic Fluorocarbons LLC / 'I believe the attitude of a group can propel individuals within that group to be better, harder working and, most importantly, more caring.' Populytics Inc./ 'My parents, working as one … instilled the importance of teamwork, the habit of hard work and the desire to greet every day with energy and passion.' Reading School District/ 'In everything I do, I work hard to make people feel special, valued, loved and appreciated.' ArtsQuest/ 'The experience of designing and developing programs and seeing the joy on individual faces as they make new discoveries is extremely gratifying.' Robbins Rehabilitation / 'I love going to the beach. Once you start getting close, you can smell the ocean air and it immediately changes my mood.' Lehigh Valley Steelhawks / 'I am a diehard Eagles fan and season ticket holder. It is my happy place. Made even better this year by being Super Bowl champions!' King, Spry, Herman, Freund & Faul LLC / ‘My father, Jack Elden Collins, has been my most influential role model. He went from being a dishwasher at a hotel to being a leader in the hotel industry.’ J.G. Petrucci Co. Inc./ ‘Work-life balance is something I certainly need to work on, but what I’ve found works best is to completely disconnect from phone/email at the end of the day or when the week is over. Easier said than done.’ The Good Life Companies/ ‘I have been a big supporter of the YMCA because I think the principles for which it stands – responsibility, respect and honesty – helped to reinforce my parents’ values. Kids Play Tennis and DeSales University / ‘When I was younger, I was apprehensive pursuing tennis as a profession. So I would urge everyone to follow your passion even if it might be outside of the framework of a traditional job.’ Fader Plugs LLC/ ‘We live in an area where the people are genuine and willing to extend their hand to those in need.’ AblePay Health/ ‘The opportunity to create something out of nothing [drives me], and, in doing so, provide financial security and experiences for my family.’ Shift4 Payments LLC/ ‘From an early age, my father taught me that it’s not the smartest, fastest or most athletic person who will get ahead. It’s the person who works the hardest.’ PennCap Properties / ‘I’m a Type A personality and a deal junkie. I love the negotiating process and take great pride in my ability to navigate a challenging transaction while building and maintaining a positive relationship with new clients/tenants.’ Touchstone Theatre / 'My favorite part of living and working in the Lehigh Valley is the people. I see a genuine love for this community and a desire to make it better for future generations.' Acopian Power Supplies / 'The most influential role model in my life has been my uncle, Jeff Acopian, because of his extreme integrity, candor and thoughtful assessment of every situation.' Red Door Early Learning Center / ‘Inspiring students, assisting families on the beginning of their educational journey, as well as fostering a love of learning, drives me daily.’ MKSD architects / ‘You can do many unimaginable things in life if you have the ability to lead and the skill to get people to follow you.’ Zator Law / ‘I wish I had learned to roll with the punches a bit more [earlier in my career]. Some days the practice of law can seem like going nine rounds with [Mike] Tyson, and some days you are on the top of the world. You need to roll with it.’ St. Luke’s University Health Network / ‘Country drives have become a way for me to relax, decompress and enjoy the beauty that is often right ‘around the corner.’ The best drives are those that don’t have a plan or a destination.’ Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority / ‘The best mistake I ever made was taking longer than planned to settle on a career path. The freedom of indecision led me to fulfill a crazy dream of becoming a Marine.’ Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group, Red Robin / 'My older brother, Frank Sobaru, is my constant motivator, a mentor who gives advice and reminds me that I am always better than I think myself to be.' JMT Industrial & Environmental Contracting Services / 'There is no balance. Work and personal life have all been intermingled. Honestly, I would not want it any other way.' Gross McGinley LLP / 'I have always had a desire to help people. Therefore, I find great reward in seeing my clients succeed and follow their dreams.' City of Easton / ‘To-do list items should always be small and manageable. If a task is more than a part of a larger objective, then it is not broken down enough.’ Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management LLC / ‘My father has taught me the importance of having strong moral principles, of being respectful, of not judging others and of always maintaining a healthy perspective.’ Allentown School District / ‘This is a time of renaissance in the district and the city. Having an opportunity to be a leader in Allentown during this time is a dynamic experience.’ GoggleWorks Center for the Arts / ‘Having the opportunity to help others live a more creative life [is what drives me].’ Herbein + Co. Inc. / ‘I work in a profession that requires me to be very organized and detailed. … I am exactly the opposite of that in my personal life.’ Langan / ‘My mother has to be the best role model I’ve had. She came to the United States as a teen from the Dominican Republic and worked her way through school and through her career. She faced adversity in so many levels, and I saw her get up every morning with a smile and do it all over again.’ Embassy Bank for the Lehigh Valley / ‘I learned that it is important to be understanding and accommodating to other teammates who have a full plate, yet at the same time striking a balance with customers to be responsive to their needs.’ Moravian College / ‘I’ve learned that putting things into perspective, taking a deep breath and sometimes waiting a day (or two) before reacting to something can go a long way.’ Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba PC / ‘My dad, Steve Schlegel … taught me how to go to work every day and not bring it home at night. He also worked for Air Products for over 40 years, which showed me there’s nothing wrong with being loyal to the right organization.’ Palram Americas / ‘I love getting to know the employees and helping managers to coach employees to meet business goals.’ Reading Hospital – Tower Health / ‘There is a voice in my inner head that consistently challenges me by asking me what I am doing to improve patient care or staff well-being. When I reach a goal, this inner voice readjusts my goals and moves the bar higher.’ OraSure Technologies / 'I truly believe to be successful and happy, you need to love what you do and have fun while doing it.' BSI Corporate Benefits / ‘Time is so very precious that if you are not doing what you love and you are not 100 percent passionate about how you spend your time, hit the reset button and focus on what matters most.’ Klunk & Millan Advertising / ‘There’s so much growth and opportunity here, not to mention outstanding quality of life. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the community in the Lehigh Valley.’


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