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Organic growth and managing talent: A dynamic synergy

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Organic growth is business expansion by increased output, customer base increase or new products, as opposed to mergers and acquisitions.

Organic growth uses in-house talent and resources to create a competitive benefit.

The approach requires renewed evaluating, development and dedication of your most important asset: workforce productivity and organizational success. This minimizes personnel changes and stabilizes the workforce.

Usually, when a talented employee leaves, it creates an adjustment period to replace the output of the former employee, which puts the enterprise at risk.

This accentuates the concurrent importance of organic growth and talent management.


Most organizations operate at a technological level that far exceeds former standards. It’s why effective talent management is more essential than ever before.

In the past, because of loyalty, many employees were retained regardless of their output. Today, competition and operational cost make this untenable.

Today’s market demands a more developmental approach to personnel as well as a targeted search for skill sets necessary to remain competitive.

This approach quite often requires a sea change: new financing, recruiting and the latest training facilities. The intent is to create a higher level of modern efficiencies, delivery systems and, ultimately, profitability.


Training generally is the initial approach to developing a technically talented and successful workforce.

Highly proficient technical talent is today’s competitive edge.

In this scenario, talented personnel include executives, managers and employees who are professionally and skillfully capable and excel in their roles.

These talents are reinforced and enhanced by a desire to learn new and divergent skills and by striving for the next level of excellence.


The best outcome is to have the right people in the right place to produce the best results.

Training is an ongoing learning, developing inherent personal desire to excel generally or specifically in an area of the enterprise.

It is a continuous process of mastery, productivity and performance throughout one’s career.


There are times when staff is unable to meet the need for advanced or technical requirements. Recruitment is finding and developing highly capable skilled personnel. It refers to the overall process of attracting, selecting and enrolling suitable candidates for jobs (permanent or temporary).

It becomes necessary when the organization lacks personnel to perform specific routine or technical roles.

Managers, human resource generalists and recruitment specialists may be tasked with carrying out recruitment. Sometimes, public-sector employment agencies, commercial recruitment agencies or specialist search consultants are used.

When such experienced staff are not available, a recruiter – on-site or online – may be used.


If you evaluate whether you have the most capable people in the right place, start not with personnel in place but with the organizational goals and objectives and skills needed to achieve them.

With personnel, assess not only the skill sets required but the type of people needed to fulfill the goals.

Begin a review of individual behaviors. For example, adaptability, or the ability to adjust to new conditions, use or purpose. This is a seminal advantage in the harshly competitive global economy.

Another example is the ability to interface with people. Are their skill sets broad or restricted?


When productivity is assumed as a reliable indicator for long-term planning, most likely it’s a mistake. Situations and people change constantly and require dedicated oversight.

There is no perfect or stable set of circumstances.

It is common for most organizations to have an annual strategy review.

It is recommended to include employee evaluations in that, as well. The benefits are immeasurable.

Jon Craighead, president of Craighead Associates LLC (www.craigheadassociates.com) of Pocono Pines, has more than 20 years of experience as a consultant, working with senior executives in Fortune 100 corporations to sole proprietorships. Serving the Poconos and northeastern Pennsylvania, he can be reached at jon@craigheadassociates.com.

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