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Berks County Real Estate Transactions

GMR Wyomissing LLC bought this building at 2608 Keiser Blvd. in Spring Township for $5.6 million. The seller was BSRS Properties LLC.
PHOTO/TERRY SCOTT REED GMR Wyomissing LLC bought this building at 2608 Keiser Blvd. in Spring Township for $5.6 million. The seller was BSRS Properties LLC.

Documents on file in Berks County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


A2K2 Investments LLC bought 508 E. First St. from Richard and Margaret Fiset for $60,000. Parcel 31-5344-14-34-3987.


6016 Morgantown Road LLC bought 6016 Morgantown Road from Anthony and Deborah Gentile for $240,000. Parcel 35-5320-01-08-3036.


Peter Merkel bought unnumbered property on Spruce Street, 17R W. Spruce St. and 17 W. Spruce St. from Sylvia Richards for $45,000. Parcels 44-5431-16-73-7056, 44-5431-16-73-7155 and 44-5431-16-73-8111.

Sunsweet Growers Inc. bought 105 S. Walnut St. from James and Cynthia Herbein for $275,000. Parcel 44-5431-16-84-5055.


Wise Choice Properties LLC bought 47 Old Route 22 from Carl and Linda Arndt for $248,000. Parcel 45-5456-00-52-182.


BBSB Leasing LLC bought 58 Willow St. from Craig A. Sholedice for $400,000. Parcel 55-5443-08-98-4360.


JMS Real Estate Management LLC bought 55 Old Bowers Road from Mellner Revocable Trust for $255,000. Parcel 63-5452-12-87-8020.


Thomas James Industries LLC bought 2242 Dengler St. from Brian S. and Sharon A. Landis for $325,000. Parcel 64-5316-08-78-7081.


RKN Investment Group LLC bought 4711 Kutztown Road from Casey and Sarah Blankenbiller for $110,000. Parcel 66-5309-12-96-6046.

Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) bought 2402 Kutztown Road from Kevin Devlin for $4,100. Parcel 66-5308-16-93-6685.

Nicholas Marriott bought 2526 Centre Ave. from Kommalke LLC for $1.1 million. Parcel 66-5308-15-52-8970.

Hippo Homes LLC bought 2426 Kutztown Road from Ysidro Rafael Nunez for $60,000. Parcel 66-5308-16-93-7835.


Greater Berks Development Fund bought 606 Court St. from Baker College for $1.2 million. Parcel 07-5307-83-80-6427.

Carmen Dilia Abreu Balbi bought 1168 Green St. from Kenia Batista for $70,000. Parcel 11-5317-62-12-6903.

152 N. Ninth St. LLC bought 152 N. Ninth St. from Bisbo Enterprises LLC for $110,000. Parcel 08-5307-76-91-9258.

Thomas John Barry Jr. bought 134 N. Eighth St. from Emlog Development LLC for $25,000. Parcel 08-5307-35-87-0729.

Luis Jiminez bought 335 N. Ninth St. from Frutos Real Estate Partners LLC for $10,000. Parcel 09-5317-69-02-1217.

JJS Management LLC bought 259 S. 10th St. from Kathryn Kessler, Rodney DeAngelis and Stacy Barbury for $79,900. Parcel 10-5316-29-08-6547.

Ronald Mercedes bought 1722 N. 10th St. from Nick W. Nikolaidis for $150,000. Parcel 17-5317-21-09-4836.

Reading Storage 1015 Rose St. LLC bought 1214 Weimer St. from Yi Pan for $57,000. Parcel 03-5316-22-19-8215.

Isla Property Management 2 LLC bought 305 N. Sixth St. from Lazaro Pepen for $19,900. Parcel 07-5307-75-82-4083.

Jameel Evans bought 215 Moss St. from Thomas E. Seibert for $5,000. Parcel 09-5317-69-01-3557.

Eddie S. Rosado bought 308 and 305 Little Grape St. from Chris and Shirley Skias for $5,000 and $15,000, respectively. Parcels 05-5306-26-69-8187 and 05-5306-26-69-8187.

ARS Realty Co. LLC and Oscar Soto bought 701 N. Ninth St. from Oscar Soto for $71,000. Parcel 12-5317-53-04-1113.

Vincenzo and Michele Brutto bought 700 Upland Ave. from Stellar Homes LLC for $105,000. Parcel 18-5306-66-62-3610.

Reading Elderly Housing Association bought 130 N. Front St. from Union Baptist Church of Reading for $68,000. Parcel 06-5307-81-51-6214.


Glenn Z. and Karen Musser bought unnumbered property along Meckville Road from Clayton and Alice Farnsworth for $33,000. Parcel 30-3481-00-17-7751.

Glenn Z. and Karen Musser bought 71 Meckville Road, along with two noncommercial properties, from Clayton and Alice Farnsworth for $190,000. Parcel 30-3481-00-07-3559.

Scott J. and Melinda Bross bought 9162 Old Route 22 from James and Maureen Ratliff for $175,000. Parcel 30-4412-00-30-8406.


Virginville Properties LLC bought 458 Main St. from Richard and Wendy Hess for $175,000. Parcel 72-56423-05-19-4382.


Bruce Slusser bought unnumbered property along Browns Lane from Eternal Companions Pet Cemetery LLC for $33,000. Parcel 73-5325-15-53-2191.

Flying Hills Storage LLC bought 2831 Morgantown Road from Flying Hills Self Storage Inc. for $800,000. Parcel 73-5314-03-03-7822.

Anthony and Carmen Mendoza bought 4385 Main St. from Michael Hinkle for $245,000. Parcel 73-5315-02-85-5625.


Peter Doukas bought 3518 Saint Lawrence Ave. from Harold and Joan Wegman for $160,000. Parcel 81-5326-11-57-2096.


Richport Properties Group LLC bought 631A Hill Road from Sue Tillman Landis for $250,000. Parcel 51-4366-14-44-0014.


GMR Wyomissing LLC bought 2608 Keiser Blvd. from BSRS Properties LLC for $5.6 million.

LJE LLC bought 665 Fritztown Road from Louis and Judith Ann Fronina for $50,000. Parcel 80-4376-19-60-3429.


Albrecht Real Estate Holdings LLC bought 47 W. Penn Ave. from Douglas and Theresa Hoover for $100,000. Parcel 90-4366-11-57-2448.


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