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Call center lite for small business: Get what’s right for you

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Does your business desire more out of your phone system?

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations not only need to adopt technology to maintain a competitive edge, they also need to leverage the right tools that enable them to effectively manage their processes.

Without the proper resources, business owners experience challenges in identifying inefficiencies in those daily practices.

As the adage goes: “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.”

Professionals across the expanding Greater Lehigh Valley economy know all too well that lacking analytics early on can prove to be costly moving forward.

So, why does this happen?

Often, businesses simply become complacent with what they have and take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach.

This mindset is aimed at protecting the bottom line, however, it can prove to cost more. Usually, by the time inefficiencies are discovered, a lot of money has been left on the table.


Telephony needs, above many other operational requirements in the modern workplace, are a major area where such analytics prove to be essential in avoiding these situations.

Traditional telephony and private branch exchange systems provide small businesses with basic calling features, reporting functionality and costly operational and maintenance fees.

Furthermore, traditional telephony is just not as flexible as internet-based systems. In today’s telephony climate, business owners want more out of their phone system, such as:

<Advanced automatic call distribution.

<Multilevel interactive voice response.

<Customized call queues.

<Customer relationship management and business tools integration.

<Agent hot-desking.

<Skills-based routing.

<Real-time metrics.

<Advanced historical system and queue reporting.

<Agent toolbar.

<Wallboards with queue/agent information.


To achieve this functionality, business owners often are lured into buying expensive, third-party call-center software.

This can result in becoming consumed with trying to set up the system to meet demands.

On the other end of that spectrum, business owners may be overwhelmed with the number of options when trying to decipher which telephony platforms will meet their specific business needs.


Today, some internet-based phone systems – or internet protocol private branch exchange systems – can provide a lot of these robust features and functions, but usually at a premium and nonadvertised cost.

A significant number of internet-based platforms do not offer many of these features and require additional software to provide this functionality.

This can become cost prohibitive for small-business owners.

So, how do small-business owners get more out of their phone system? Does their business desire advanced call-center features?


Small-business owners have a viable option. There are solutions that can provide this functionality out of the box, without all of the expensive third-party software.

To adopt this technology, it is critical to first comprehensively review internal business processes to clearly define how you are leveraging your phone system.

Then it would be wise to research the capabilities of features and functions to gain a clearer picture of how these technologies could affect your operations.

The goal is to clearly understand how your business could better use a voice-over internet protocol phone system and what features would benefit it. Then line up demos and meetings with solution providers.


Searching out a local partner that can strategically assist and get close to your business is important in the long-range growth of a company.

Large internet-based retailers are looking to commoditize the industry by providing cutthroat pricing and promising the world.

Buyer beware.

Sometimes, these large companies are only trying to increase their market share without caring if the relationship, as well as the solution, is a good fit.

Nate Kline, senior account executive at Infradapt LLC in Trexlertown, has more than 10 years of information technology and telecom sales experience. His background includes all the company’s core sales functions, including lead cultivation, presales support and engineering, relationship and account management, technology and business reviews, solution design and solution presentations. He can be reached at 484-546-2028 or n.kline@infradapt.com.

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