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Focus on collaborative audiovisual solutions to improve

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New Year’s resolutions often focus on personal commitments.

But what about your business?

This is the time to broaden your focus from individual goals and to team goals: building a high-performing team and ensuring success.

Audiovisual solutions have a significant impact on your business if well implemented. The benefits these solutions provide are a great encouragement to the growth and prosperity of your team and how it interacts in the marketplace.

These benefits should be your impetus to improve your work experience and employee performance with the use of collaborative audiovisual solutions. Here’s why:

<Creating an atmosphere of better interaction

Collaborative audiovisual solutions deliver an interactive experience where employees and customers feel involved in the process.

The attention span of today’s generation is very short (Twitter!), and this interaction is crucial in keeping someone’s attention focused and on track.

Seeing and hearing are two ways memory is created, and a good audiovisual solution seeks to do precisely that – to create memories that last.

<Helping people to comprehend the message

Most people receive a higher level of comprehension when information is presented with an audiovisual aid.

During training especially, it is vital to use technology to bring a higher level of understanding. It results in a well-trained staff ready to implement what it learned.

This also can shorten training time.

<Saving time

In general, these methods of communication save time.

Time is money in business. From the small-business owner to the Fortune 500 CEO, that matters.

<Saving your business a significant amount of money

With WebEx and video conferencing, companies can pocket the would-be travel, accommodation and time costs and instead concentrate on employee productivity.

Using these solutions allows employees to be informed of the expectations of the project and connect with other team members who may be elsewhere on campus, at a different facility or working remotely.

<Allowing easy access from anywhere in the company

The latest systems are incredibly versatile and mobile and are accessible from any part of the office (or remote office), making it crucial when fast decisions are required.

Meetings need not be delayed or disrupted because of any adverse influence (copier, water cooler, coffee bar), which leads to improved efficiency.

<Creating an impression of a growing company to potential customers

A business using collaborative solutions is attractive to potential customers willing to invest in a thriving business.

Companies such as Apple have embraced these solutions, and adapting these methods can set apart your company from the competition.

The collaborative technology market is very broad, and there are many integrators that say they’re a solutions provider. Understanding how to evaluate one solution vs. another is critically important.

Align yourself with a partner with access to a broad range of technology and a true understanding of the best use for your business.


Destiny Heimbecker is marketing manager for Vistacom Inc. in Allentown, providing the company with product marketing, business writing, event planning and design expertise for 16 years. She can be reached at dheimbecker@vistacominc.com.

Video conferencing curbs travel, accommodation and time costs.
photo/AndreyPopov Video conferencing curbs travel, accommodation and time costs.

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