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How to keep getting real news on your Facebook feed

Click on Lehigh Valley Business to keep getting our latest news updates on Facebook.
Click on Lehigh Valley Business to keep getting our latest news updates on Facebook.

Most people like to complain about social media sites such as Facebook.

Even on Facebook, people complain about how Facebook is a waste of time, distracting, aggravating and a whole lot of other rather unpleasant adjectives.

But as much as people might like to complain, another adjective many small and medium-sized business were using in a recent poll was “essential.”

Facebook and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently released a report of business’ use of social media.

The report was generated from three surveys – two national surveys and one state-level survey done in all 50 states – conducted last year by Morning Consult, that show a majority of small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. perceive Facebook as a strong channel for growth, trade and hiring.

The results of the state-level survey in Pennsylvania showed:

• 64 percent of small to medium-sized businesses on the platform say Facebook is an essential tool for running their business.

• 66 percent say that Facebook allows them to find customers in other cities, states and countries.

• 87 percent say that an individual’s digital and social media skills are an important consideration when hiring.

• 48 percent say that it has helped them hire additional employees.

One feature on Facebook that business professionals no doubt find helpful is newsfeeds, including the latest business news updates that Lehigh Valley Business sends out on weekdays.

However, after complaints about “fake news” and misleading posts, Facebook has decided to rework its algorithms to de-prioritize news stories being posted from news providers.

Now, if I may be free to editorialize – after all it is my blog – that doesn’t make much sense to me.

I don’t see a big problem with legitimate news agencies reporting office mergers and financial reports so much as people’s more gullible friends reposting stories from the New Yerk Daily Slob (I made that up) about aliens landing in Albuquerque, because they don’t know satire when they see it.

Either way, it’s what’s happening, regardless of my opinion.

So, busy professionals on Facebook that use their newsfeed to keep up-to-date on real news will find more pokes and jokes and fewer stock reports.

There is a solution, though. If you want to keep seeing stories posted by Lehigh Valley Business and other favorite news providers, you’ll have to like us – or at least prioritize us.

I saw this tip from a post on the subject from ABC Denver 7. (See, legitimate news sites are helpful.)

• Go to News Feed Preferences on Facebook.com or in the app. (It’s in the upper left-hand corner under your name.)

• Choose “See First” for the pages you want to see in your news feed. (Most of your news sources will be listed as “pages.” That’s an option under “all.”)

This should make sure you never miss a breaking business news story and you stay in the know.

And since a good portion of my job is making sure you’re informed about things that could affect your job, I think that’s an important thing.

I look forward to Lehigh Valley Business being an ongoing valuable business tool for local Facebook fans.


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