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How much are those Eagles playoff tickets in the window?

NFC championship tickets are not selling cheaply this year.
NFC championship tickets are not selling cheaply this year.

How much do you love your home team?

Do you love them enough to skip your next mortgage payment or forego a Caribbean vacation?

How about that nice used car you had your eye on?

You could probably still get tickets to see the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday, but the cost of tickets to catch the game live at Lincoln Financial Field might just dash the hopes of the average fan, and maybe even some diehard fans.

According to data from the website www.TicketIQ.com, an online ticket reseller, Sunday’s playoff game between the Eagles and the Vikings are fetching an average of $875 – each. That’s the second-highest price since 2011, when the Packers-Bears playoffs sold for an average of $932.

Now, that’s not saying you can’t get tickets cheaper.

You might have a friend who REALLY likes you, and has an extra ticket.

And if you don’t mind standing room only tickets, Stub Hub, another online ticket reseller, had as of mid-day Tuesday two tickets left for $371, and a handful in that general price range.

Now of course if you want to actually see the game from a decent perch, tickets go up from there, and they go up quickly.

$875 may be the average, but lower level and premium seats start at around $1,200 and peak at more than $4,000. Most are roughly $2,500.

There is one advantage to such resale sites. That’s the “asking” price. If you look around, you might find similar seats for less.

Also, closer to the game a seller might find no one taking them up on that $4,000-per-ticket offer and the price might come down.

But, they might also sell. If you’re willing to take the risk, you might find tickets cheaper if you wait until the last minute.

Still, cheap is a relative term here.

Let’s do some comparative math.

First, keep in mind that most of you won’t want to go to the game alone.

So you’re not buying one $371 standing room only seat. You’re looking at two.

That’s $742. That’s a mortgage payment for a lot of families.

Yes, it is supposed to be warmer out this weekend, but it might not be the best time to skip a payment and end up homeless on the street.

You want average price tickets? Now you’re looking at $1,750.

You could probably book a long weekend at a mid-level Caribbean resort for less than that.

But, you know, there probably won’t be football. Though I did meet Ocho Cinco at a Mexican resort a few years ago, so you never know.

Nick Foles could be resting up from a long season on a Jamaican beach somewhere. You could hang out drink some fruity frozen drinks and talk offense strategy.

And as for the $4,000 tickets, heck if you can afford them go for it, but I should mention that Kelly Blue Book has a number of decent used cars listed for under the $8,000 you’d pay for a set of those.

But, if you can afford $4,000 football tickets you’re probably not in the market for a 2010 Kia Soul.

So if blowing a stack of bills is worth it to see your Eagles soar, go for it. It could be one of the best days of your life.

But remember there’s going to be another team on that field trying just as hard to win, so you could just be blowing $8,000 on the WORST day of your life.

Your call.

But my advice is watch the game from home. There’s no traffic getting there. Parking is free. The seats are all front row and the beer is already chilling in the fridge.


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