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Lehigh County Real Estate Transactions

Documents on file in Lehigh County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


Sadaat LLC bought 716-722 N. Seventh St. from Robert Stauffer for $390,000. Parcel 549794502436. Industrial.

451 W. Linden Street bought 449 W. Linden St. from QOB Properties for $192,700. Parcel 640721046736.

Dunne Manning Realty LP bought 2050-2100 W. Tilghman St. from 1419 W. Main Street Landscaping for $475,000. Parcel 549710769953.

Dunne Manning Realty LP bought 1323-1325 N. 19th Street from LGP Realty Holdings LP for $387,000. Parcel 549715500087.

2nd Generation Properties LLC bought 1432-1442 W. Union St. from Richard McGinnis for $380,000. Parcel 549677173223. Industrial.

Wesam Kamhia bought 765-767 Hanover Ave. from Lawrence DiPasquale for $80,000. Parcel 640785786892. Industrial.

Monocacy General Contracting LLC bought 1047-1051 N. Irving St. from Jamal Amro for $80,000. Parcel 640789543076. Industrial.

WMH Real Estate LLC bought 1525-1529 Hanover Ave. from Donald Wruble for $237,500. Parcel 641716993979.

Ibrahim Awad bought 1916 Hanover Ave. from Thao Do for $50,000. Parcel 541737366840.

Plymouth Real Estate bought 1512-1526 Congress St., 1520-1526 Woodlawn St. and 1131-1211 N. Plymouth St. (industrial) from Secured Properties LLP for $3,163,250. Parcels 641810319055, 641810364936 and 641810641592.

Thomas Bui bought 825-835 N. Cedar Crest Blvd. from Henry Lehrich for $694,000. Parcel 548659335703.


Masoud Shekari bought 411-413 W. Broad St. from Epic Holdings LLC for $205,000. Parcel 642738994394.

Andrew Michael Collier bought 719 Broad St. from Susan Lerch for $169,900. Parcel 642728626449.

Joshi & Kalola Partnership bought 2355 Avenue A from U.S. Army Reserve Depot for $1.85 million. Parcel 641827471295. Industrial.


Broadway Equities LLC bought 1830 E. Race St. from General Electric Co. for $1.3 million. Parcel 641912756004.


SUSO 4 West Valley LP bought 1042 Mill Creek and 6420 Hamilton Blvd. from JDN Development Co. Inc. for $34.5 million. Parcels 547502803136 and 547511376632.


Lehigh Valley Health Network bought 798 Hausman Road from Lutheran Home of Topton for $6.2 million. Parcel 547656746600.


Singer Medical Center LP bought 227 Pa. Route 100 from Peter Isaac for $350,000. Parcel 546517523671.

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 542 bought 7609 Kuhns Drive from JROB Realty for $320,000. Parcel 546540332695.


Dunne Manning Realty LP bought 1110-1112 MacArthur Road from 1110 MacArthur Road Whitehall LLC for $638,000. Parcel 549786476772.

2520 MacArthur Road LLC bought 2520 MacArthur Road from Kmart Corp. for $5.55 million. Parcel 549845513598.

Documents on file in Northampton County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


DVR Properties LLC bought property on Frankford Street from Fred Achey for $145,000. Parcel N6SE4C-20-1.

77 W. Broad Street LLC bought 77 W. Broad St., Unit 10A, from Brian Kemmerer for $90,000. Parcel P6NE1D-10-5-10A.

Kevin Paoletti bought 320 E. Green St. from Steven Detmer for $303,300. Parcel P6NE2A-20-1.

JHM Ventures LLC bought 528 Maple St. from Thomas Aristide for $300,000. Parcel P6NE2D-10-10.

SOBE 117 Inc. bought 117 Fourth St. from the Boys Club of Bethlehem for $550,000. Parcel P6SE1A-21-2.

Haider Akmal bought 415 Wyandotte St. from Martha Lentz for $280,000. Parcel P6SW2B-12-25.

Huratiak Homes LLC bought property on Fire Lane from Wagner Enterprises for $350,000. Parcel P7-17-14.


BRM 1401 Washington Easton LLC bought 1401 Washington St. from Nidal Yacoub for $370,000. Parcel L9SW2C-22-6.


Kanakarat Realty LLC bought 1315 Richmond Road from George Kocher for $275,000. Parcel K9SE3-10-12.


Divinity Group LLC bought 4098 Bath Pike from Joseph Szapka for $740,000. Parcel M6-15-10G.


1057 Main Street LLC bought 1057 Main St. from 3CG Holding LLC for $425,000. Parcel Q7SW2A-2-20.


Kuchavik Holdings LLC bought property on Mountain View Drive from Craig Christine for $110,000. Parcel H3NW2-2-4.


Mohammed Bajwa bought 291 Nazareth Pike from Abraham Zegeye for $196,000. Parcel L7NW3-1-6A. Industrial.


Leithsville Rental LLC bought 1624 Transue Lane from Adrian Sinko for $45,000. Parcel R7SW2-5-5.


BMT Consulting Inc. bought 151 S. Main St. from Joseph Caramanica for $100,000. Parcel J7SE23D-5-17.


Robert & Ettore Rentals LLC bought 2330 Main St. from Dwayne Behler for $75,000. Parcel L4SW1A-3-1.

School House Apartments on Main LLC bought 1503 Main St. from Bruce MacGregor for $264,000. Parcel L4SW4C-16-16.


Cooper Family Realty LLC bought 5664 Sullivan Trail from George Goins for $142,500. Parcel H8SE4-1-1.


Lezzer Lumber bought 201-315 Center St. from People’s Coal and Supply for $1,533,650. Parcel J8-15-1.

1300 Blue Valley Drive LLC bought 1300 Blue Valley Drive from Anita Michael Dotta for $950,000. Parcel E9-1-6.


Dunne Manning Realty LP bought 2134 Northampton St. from 2134 Northampton Street Easton LLC for $348,000. Parcel L9SW1C-4-3.

Palimoda Properties LLC bought 1615 Northampton St. from Valley Youth House Committee for $165,000. Parcel L9SW2A-22-2A.


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