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Humor in the workplace

Stand-up comedian Bobby Collins will be in Fogelsville on Nov. 22 for LifePath's 20th annual Thanksgiving Benefit and Awards Luncheon.
Stand-up comedian Bobby Collins will be in Fogelsville on Nov. 22 for LifePath's 20th annual Thanksgiving Benefit and Awards Luncheon.

It's been said that laughter is the best medicine. (Frankly, for me, just give me the damn drugs and get out of the way.)

Regardless, most everyone likes to hear a good joke. Even at work.

In fact, according to some, humor at work is a good thing. Among the reasons why:

-- Tasteful humor puts people at ease.

-- It shows that you are looking to get along with everyone.

-- Self-effacing humor demonstrates you are not full of yourself.

-- It’s an effective icebreaker.

-- A joke can be used to illustrate a point.

-- As a leader, using humor shows that the culture at your company is not 100 percent work, work, work all of the time. There are times for fun – for a break.

-- As a leader, it makes you more approachable.

-- As a leader, it makes you seem human, that you’re not some ogre holed up in an office all day.

Of course, be careful not to offend anyone with your jokes. That includes political humor, too.

And telling too many jokes might cause others not to take you seriously.

But, in general, a sense of humor is good to have. It can set a nice tone in the workplace.

Meanwhile, a priest, a minister and a rabbi walk into a bar.

“Is this a joke?” the bartender asks.

(Gratuitous plug for a super charity) – If you really want to laugh, go to see stand-up comedian Bobby Collins at LifePath’s 20th annual Thanksgiving Benefit and Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, Nov. 22, at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center on Route 100 in Fogelsville.

Collins has been on nearly all of the late-night television shows, has released six comedy albums and does 200 stand-up performances a year. He’s a pro’s pro whose comedy topics often are the foibles of everyday life -- something all of us can relate to.

You will enjoy him and at the same time support a great cause. LifePath provides homes and services to more than 1,200 people in the Greater Lehigh Valley and southeastern Pennsylvania who have intellectual and development disabilities. For tickets to the awards luncheon – which is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants – or for more information, click here.


-- It was so hot in the office building on Monday that I heard a Mister Softee truck jingling down the hallway.

-- In terms of things I’d least like to lose, in order: 1: Wallet. 2: iPhone. 3. Mind. 4. Keys.

-- If I were editor of the world, these two tried and trite headlines would be forever banned:

"Many happy returns" – Seen ad nauseam on Dec. 26.

"Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" – Often used on zoo and animal stories. The use of the exclamation point is particularly galling.

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