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Email marketing is a potent tool

For virtually any company, email marketing is still a primary and effective technique for increasing your business.

Though Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and their like certainly have their place in the marketing world, to me, they feel overwhelming, distracting and more than a little bit irritating at times.

Scrolling through a Twitter feed is good for about five minutes until I start to feel overwhelmed and I’m ready to leave. Same thing with LinkedIn. On Facebook, I feel like my attention span is even shorter, which is why I’m on it so infrequently.

It happens when I visit certain websites, too. There’s something about the multiple screens, flashy boxes and endless mouse clicking that makes me feel as if I’m developing attention deficit disorder.

Which is why marketing emails, when written clearly and succinctly, can be refreshing.

When someone sends me a marketing email, I can usually tell within the first few seconds whether or not the business has something to offer that I want. If it doesn’t, I quickly move on.

So how do you use email to effectively market your business?

A recent seminar by Loren Robinson, owner of Millennia Media LLC of Stewartsville, N.J., at The View at Morgan Hill in Williams Township revealed some excellent tips, including examples of best practices. Using some of these techniques could help you get more people to know about your business but also get them to buy your product or service.

• Always personalize your messages by including the person’s first name.

• Make sure your emails are mobile optimized.

• Keep your emails short.

• Highlight your brand with optimal logo placement.

• Keep your call to action prominent.

• Be willing to give stuff away for free (people love free stuff).

That being said, you also need to develop a marketing strategy:

• If you have an e-newsletter or blog, always first ask for sign-ups. If you met the person at a networking event, ask if you can send that info to him or her.

• Provide subscribers with an incentive.

• Tailor your email content to each audience.

• Design matters. Use white space and make your text large, such as 16-point font. You don’t want people squinting to read your message, particularly on a mobile device.

• People read in a straight line, left to right, not up or down or all over the place.

Even though texting is the way many people communicate these days, you don’t have enough space to effectively market your business that way, Robinson said. Email is still the way businesspeople prefer to communicate, particularly since it’s easier to go back and locate previous messages.

In the age of multiple social media platforms, email marketing is still a practical technique for any business.


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