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Lehigh County Real Estate Transactions

Documents on file in Lehigh County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


KR 1129 Walnut St. LLC bought 1125-1129 Walnut St. from New Pa. Start Inc. for $137,500. Parcel 549688699933.

801 Hamilton Street Allentown Pa. LLC bought 805 Hamilton St. and 801-803 Hamilton St. from DTC East Penn Place LP for $300,000. Parcels 640700422586 and 640700425698.

325-327 North Seventh Street LLC bought 325-327 N. Seventh St. from Edward Foster for $94,000. Parcel 640702429671.

Michael Rosamilia bought 348 Sixth St. from Justina Sanchez for $110,000. Parcel 640702753791.

520/522/524 Chew Street LLC bought 243 Law St. from George Road for $440,000. Parcel 640712310137.

Parkway Ventures LLC bought 1518-1704 S. 12th St. from AMF Bowling Centers Inc. for $2,257,500. Parcel 549692538540.

UB Development LLC bought 914-916 Union Blvd. from Charles Noti for $550,000. Parcel 640788846707.

Bunny Green LLC bought 495 Business Park Lane from Robert Novak for $487,500. Parcel 640850141154.

Rey Pagan bought 28 E. Susquehanna St. from Michael Sterner for $50,000. Parcel 640666614525. Industrial.

SUSO 4 Cedar Pointe LP bought 3101 Hamilton Blvd from BRE DDR IVB Cedar Point Pa. LLC for $19.15 million. Parcel 548672794708.

Nidal Yacoub bought 611-631 W. Brookdale St. from KKBL for $550,000. Parcel 640643240116.

1384 South Fifth Street LLC bought 1384 S. Fifth St. from ARELP LP for $1.35 million. Parcel 640644099611. Industrial.

South Fourth Street Properties LLC bought 1745-1749 S. Fourth St. from Wind-Drift Real Estate Assoc. for $385,000. Parcel 640653158676.


Li Fang bought 717 W. Broad St. from CT Property Solutions for $165,000. Parcel 642728628437.

BT Gas and Food Mart LLC bought 2450 Catasauqua Road from Michael Schwartz for $655,000. Parcel 641825872365.

2980 Avenue B Investors LLC bought 2980 Avenue B from HH Holdings of Bethlehem LLC for $5.14 million. Parcel 641847298759. Industrial.

AHIP PA Bethlehem Properties LLC bought 2013 Avenue C and 7686 Industrial Blvd. from MCRS Bethlehem for $19.186 million. Parcels 641950153409 and 546525388928.


Coplay Carwash LLC bought 219 225 S. Fifth St. from Herman Fortkamp for $95,000. Parcel 549954310315.


CIVF V-PA 1W03 LLC bought 999 Postal Road from Lehigh Valley Investors LLC for $2.8 million. Parcel 641806389473.


Emmitt Enterprises LLC bought 8420 Kistler Valley Road from Community Fire Co. of New Tripoli for $159,900. Parcel 542814696592. Industrial.


GBBRE LLC bought 1150 Glenlivet Drive from Geiger & Geiger for $406,100. Parcel 545674859900.

CIVF V-Pa1w05 LLC bought 7350 William Ave. from Lehigh Valley Investors for $7.6 million. Parcel 546611921164.


Posh Properties No 11 Easton Avenue bought 2615 1 Saucon Valley Road from Saucon Creek Partners for $400,000. Parcel 642515500995.


Third Realty LLC bought 2415 Mickley Ave. from Mouna Safi for $350,000. Parcel 549855817347.

MGB Properties LLC bought 5858 Coplay Road from David Scheuerman for $1.2 million. Parcel 549927217948. Industrial.

Knauss Properties bought 5128 McKinley Ave. from Thomas Ritter for $129,900. Parcel 558070602860. Industrial.

Documents on file in Northampton County government offices listed these recent real estate transactions. Information listed for each transaction lists the municipality, seller, buyer, address, parcel, date of sale and sale price. Unless otherwise noted, the property has a commercial use.


Parson’s Property Management LLC bought 314 S. First St. from James Gaffney for $300,000. Parcel E9NE3A-2-2.


Rigsby LLC bought 420 and 422 Cherokee St. from Gabriel Arroyo for $740,000. Parcels P6SW2B-6-3 and P6SW2B-6-4.


Todd Winterton bought 225 E. Moorestown Road from Robert Hoffman for $330,000. Parcel F7-16-15B.

Ralph Yoffredo bought 196 W. Moorestown Road from MRG Consulting Services Inc. for $265,000. Parcel G7-2-18C.


Elk Holdings 2017 LP bought 7230 Beth Bath Pike from Michelman-Cancelliere Iron Works Inc. for $4.125 million. Parcel L6-8-17A. Industrial.


Zuleta Anderson Medina bought 524 W. Berwick St. from Jonathan Cardona for $95,000. Parcel M9NE1B-3-6.

914 CC LLC bought 912-914 Center St. from Syed Hussain for $300,000. Parcel M9NE1C-4-17.


223 Sullivan Trail LLC bought 223 Sullivan Trail from Lewis Horvath for $100,000. Parcel K9SE3-19-4.


Triple Net Investments XLIII LLC bought 3900 Burgess Place from Guardian Life Insurance for $6.75 million. Parcel M6-15-10-10L.

Centurion Eagle LLC bought 272 Brodhead Road from Michael Dunn for $4,400,600 Parcel M6-15-57. Industrial.


Too Kats LLC bought 202 Main St. from Adelino Tavares for $112,000. Parcel Q7SW3A-8-11A.


Vinart Realty Associates bought 227, 213 and 218 Commerce Park Drive from Raymond Bartolacci for $3.05 million. Parcels L8-11A-3-1, L8-11A-3-2 and L8-11A-3-5.


C R Fine Property Management LLC bought 2005 Main St. from Harriet Parmet for $250,000. Parcel L4SW4B-3-22A.


United Leasing Co. Inc. bought 269 Blue Valley Drive from John Goffredo for $550,000. Parcel E9-3-3.


Sai Lam bought 150 S. 17th St. from Kenneth Hillman for $95,000. Parcel L9SW2D-14-4.


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